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Who Would've Been the Best Drug-Free Bodybuilder?

met up with some old friends last night for a few drinks and with these 3 being bodybuilders, the subject of bodybuilding didnt take too long to be brought up. back and forth on opinions. these guys are in their mid to late 50’s and been lifting , training and competing 40+ years. i just listen to them,as they have no interest in my bicycle racing stories…

back and forth with all their stories… they all had their opinions on training, diet, amount of sleep, carbs, protein, everything…i wanted to stir the pot so i figured if i aske this question, they would really have different opinions…so i asked them, out of all the guys from the golden era, or really anyone thats a pro, who would be the top man if all these guys competed without drugs… who had the most natural tallent to develop the best body, without the aid of drugs?

hahaha… they almost started arguing at each other giving opinions. i gave them my answer and said nobody knows this cause we dont know whos body will grow like a weed with just hard training, great diet and rest. .will dave draper gain only 1 inch on his arm drug free, where zane would gain 2 inches? we dont know. would arnold still have that big chest drug free?? boyer coe still have no abs drug free.maybe his body changes for the better without drugs… my one friend thats a dr. sided with me, the other two just compared bone structure amoung different guys, and bone size… wonder who would have been king of the bodybuilding game, drug free??