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Who Would You Vote for Today?


If the election were held today, whose box would you check?

I would vote Obama, but would consider Jon Huntsman as a second choice.


Don't care, as long as it's a social conservative. Otherwise, I'd just stay home.


I vote for freedom.


So which candidate is most socially conservative (Sloth), or is the strongest advocate for freedom (Lift)?


Paul for sure is the most freedom oriented candidate since the American Revolution.

All the others (except for maybe Gary Johnson) are shills for the US empire and need to be ignored. I include Obama as one of the ignore worthy, too.


Right now I would have to go with Obama , but I could vote Republican with Paul or (I believe ) Huntsman


it maybe Johnson , I need to research it more


Although I could understand those who believe voting for Paul is a waste, I would certainly vote for him. The Repub party looks sad right now.


Hard to say based on just what we know today. But, Huntsman is good and seems to be running - my friends in Utah thought he was a very good governor. Christie is good but seems to not be running - I think he thinks a win in 2012 would mean blame in 2016 and we're still in a cluserf&*k. Perry getting into the contest would be a real wildcard. I'm glad Huckabee and Trump dropped out. Daniels would have been interesting, but apparently his marital history made him reluctant to toss his hat in the ring.

Of all the candidates currently in the field, I don't think any could make me vote for Obama, but some might make it hard for me to vote GOP (less so now that Huck is out).


And the only candidate who has the EXACT same foreign policy as they did during the American Revolution!


ABO (Anyone but Obama).


can I get a 'rimshot' please........


Michele Bachmann



He was an excellent Governor......he will get 10 million mormon votes. But the religious right of the GOP will skewer him at every opportunity.


Herman Cain. Our only hope for real change.


I'll get back to you, though you may be waiting forever. At present, there isn't a conservative standing out to me. An odd mixture of libertarianism, "we do mandates better," and the ill-equipped.



This is what I don't get.

Romney and Huntsman are VERY smart men and politicians; so they have to know this.

Do they just like wasting their time and money? Evangelicals/the Religious Right will "almost" vote for Obama before they will vote for Romney or Huntsman.

That's a fact.



Could not really tell you Mufasa.....my own personal theory is, inside the LDS tri-state area...Utah/Idaho/Wyoming, The LDS church is the norm. I think that they believe they will be accepted by Protestants nationwide...and don't really understand why they are not.

Hence the recent public statements by Huntsman...

"I don't consider myself overly religious."




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