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Who Would You Train With ...


If you could train with like dafreak with CT any T-Nation contributer who would it be?

I personally would want to roll with either Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson. Why, these guys both know their shit inside and out, back to front and upside down. Plus, I'm getting into powerlifting as soon as finish rehab my leg and shoulder (minor issues, thank Leahy for ART).

P.S. You can either do this hypothetically or Realisticly

Realisticly I'd go with JB because he's in Toronto and I'm in that area, plus it's JB.


I'd train with Thibaudeau. He's my size and has a slow metabolism too.


I'd train with Dan John because he'd be a lot of fun. And I'd ask him to help correct my oly technique that I learned by doing instead of by being taught. LOL


Xceltic or whatever his name was... except i'd throw those pink dumbbells at him the entire time. That kid was a tool.


I was fortunate enough to work out with Eric once and it was a good time (we have a mutual friend up at UConn). The thing with EC is that he is very cool about training with people, so if you are ever in the Connecticut area, drop him a line. If he is free, it would not surprise me if he met up with you to throw around some iron.


If that's your pic, then I'd have to pick the DeezWeez. I'd laugh my ass off to see that shit in person.


1.Chad Waterbury

2.Danny John

3.Professor X




Roll a 6 sided die and I would be happy with any number that comes up.



I would def pick Defranco. I think hes the most well rounded. He knows his stuff about strength, speed, flexibility, rehab and nutrition. Plus he seems to have more experience training athletes than the other guys mentioned. His client list is extensive.


I'd choose DeFranco as well. I like training for athletics and raw power, bodybuilding is just not my thing.

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