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Who Would You Like To See In The Ring?

An UFC fight between Bush and Gore?

Britney and Cristina in the mud pit?

A boxing match between Arnie and Sly?

A wrestling match between Cass and Jeff Rage?

irondoc vs. Dr. Phil

Patricia vs. fitone

Bill Golderg vs. Justin Timberlake

Jill Mills vs. Calista Flockheart (sp?)

Bert vs. Ernie

Louie Simmons vs. Richard Simmons

I think that last one would be good, especially if it was mud wrestling and cass was naked…

Then for the referee job we could have goldberg.

Would make for a fun match to watch

Arm wrestling one is lol. :slight_smile:

I’d like to see Sully and I in the ring. it’s on sully ! hahaha

I’m betting on Cass.

ArcaneCocaine in a handicap match against the Olsen Twins!!! :wink:

Beat ya too it Jared. :wink:

Ahahahah. Patricia vs Fitone!!! That’s the best fucking quote of all time!!!

Irondoc vs Dr. Phil runs a close 2nd. :wink:

Pfffft, Dr Phil will be victorious. I believe he will. You must be-lieve. Today will be a changing day for YOU. You cant just go around feeling sorry for yourself - believe. I know you can.


In all seriuosness, Bush VS Gore, nod oubt. Itd be THE COOLEST thing ever watching the two with raging eyes trying to kill each other with martial moves. Bush would kick Gore’s ass.

Arcane - if you lay a finger on those girls, I’ll be waiting for you with a sledgehammer. After I finish taping it, of course.

Jeff Rage and Cass are in different weight classes. Cass would have to move down to fight jeff and i dont think shes in the position to lose any more weight without sacrificing some performance.

Bush and Saddam, toe to toe bitch slapping. First one to cry loses. Bush wins, Saddam leaves Iraq and turns over all WMD info. Saddam wins we back off.

Would have been a much cheaper solution, I think.

Jared NFS, make it happen, if its in a mud pit or pool of jello I’ll be in heaven ;).

fitone, sorry, but it must be a cage match.

I’d kick Dr. Phil’s fat ass. the douche has bad knees from footbal, so I’d just shoot on him get an ankle lock, pop goes the cartilage.
After that is a steel cage jello match(lime) with Carmen Electra. Jared already bogught the pay per view rights for 12.2 million dollars.

How did I know that the Olsen Twins would be mentioned on this thread?!?

If Cass wants to be nekid while she wrestles me, I certainly would not have a problem with that! :D)

Jared you wouldn’t hit a brother would ya? Better idea we split em…wait that can have more than one meaning. I mean I get one and you get one. :wink:

Coyote VS Road Runner ;0)

(No, I am not expecting a Tag-Youre It` fight resolution like that rumored underground episode)

Seriously, Tony Little (Technique!) VS The Undertaker, aka Motor Mouth meets Mr Zip-It, just to see how Little could manage to talk with no teeth left.

Jared vs. Jared NFS

In a heartbeat.

TC vs Martha Stewart, I bet on TC boneing her before it’s over.