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Who Would You Like T-Nation to Interview?

  I would like to see what Jay Schroeder really knows. Yessis comes to mind too. Maybe Verkhoshansky if you can get a translator. Any other suggestions?


Derek Poundstone.

I’m still holding out for a Makoto Nagano interview.


Casey Viator.

I would be interested to hear his accounts of the 70’s-80’s vs. what Dr. Darden has said.

Also, Boyer Coe, just because he looked super baddass. (sorry, watched HotRod last night)

Edit: sorry, didn’t realize this was in the strength sports section, i popped in from the Top Forum action page)

Brian peppers.

Jim Wendler

Phil Wylie

A few off the top of my head:

-Mike Bridges
-Brad Gillingham
-Mike Mastrean
-Mike Tuchscherer
-Phil Pfister
-Brian Siders
-Nick Tylutki

-Andy Bolton
-Scott Weech
-Jenna Haze

Zakarov, if he is still alive ?

One more vote for Jay Schroeder. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the guy.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
I’m still holding out for a Makoto Nagano interview.


I agree, 100%!!


Kaz or Fought

Ryan Kennelly
Andy Bolton
Donnie Thompson

Manbearpig aka Chigishev.

Professor X, mauradermeat (sp), Mighty Stu…etc. I like when the interview website users. I find them more intriguing because they use this site just as much if not way more than me

Jim Wendler,
Donnie Thompson,
Matt Rhodes
Usain Bolt

At the other end of the spectrum Lance Armstrong and Dean Kazares

jay schroeder

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
Ryan Kennelly
Andy Bolton
Donnie Thompson[/quote]

Agreed. I’d also like to see Steve Francis, an interview with Mauro di Pasquale, and maybe Anatoly Bondarchuk

-Shawn Frankl
-Rick Hussey
-Michael Cartinian
-Kevin Levrone