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Who would win...

if Spiderman and all of the X-Men got in a fight, but the X-Men were not allowed to use their mutant powers?

Are you talking about the current XMEN line up or the original line up?

I mean the original. I think the current line-up is a complete bastardization of everything X-Men stands for.

Spiderman already fought, and beat, the X-men (using their powers)…

It’d be spiderman. If the xmen couldn’t use any mutant powers, they’d be regular people. Superstrgnth doesn’t count either. that would be part of a mutant power.

I think you should take out Spiderman’s powers too. At least start an equal basis. Then, it would come back to any speculation about real-life brawls and competitive sports.

Wow. This is a super-badass question. It depends on which X-Men we’re talking about, and when in the series.

For example, Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton would make him damn near invulnerable; also, he can’t really turn off his “healing factor” which is the actual manifestation of his mutation (aside from enhanced senses, that is). Them claws are not a ‘power’ either. So, with these in tact, the wall-crawling hero would be hard-pressed to do any significant damage to Wolverine; leaving the rest of the X-Men to trounce him.

However, later in the series, Magneto captured poor Logan and, using some crazy super-villianry, actually REMOVED all traces of adamantium from Wolvie’s body. If he fought Spidey like that, the web-spinner could break his bones, etc, pretty easily.

This is indeed an interesting question. My fellow nerds and I shall retreat to the Nerdery and do some more research, and get back to you.

*(8 out of 10 geeks agree, my use of super-hero nicknames is outstanding.)

Totally doesn’t matter. That would be Spiderman versus a group of regular dudes and routinely beats up groups of regular dudes. Spiderman. Hands down.

First, are you saying all the Xmen vs Spiderman, or everyman for himself? If it’s all the Xmen vs Spiderman, and you take away the Xmen’s mutant powers than you got a group of normal guys fighting spiderman who still has his powers. Of couse spiderman wins. You take everyones mutant powers away, and it’s an everyman for himself situation then there is only one winner. Wolverine. His claws aren’t a mutation as they were surgically implanted during the Weapon X program. He’d just mutilate everyone.

Spiderman. Without their superpowers, the X-Men are basically a bunch a Ringling Brothers dorks.

X-men are cool.

I have to go with irondoc and Jinx Remover with this one. If the X-men didn’t have their powers, what would be the fookin’ point? They’d just be regular people like all of us, thus getting their asses easily handed to them by Spidey. I think the ThaRealest is right in saying that it already happened too, but I’m not sure if it was the classic X-crew or the modern version. I agree with Brent that the old gang was a hell of a lot better.

Even though Spiderman would win, I’d love in the middle of the fight x-men getting their asses kicked, and all of a sudden, the “mutant genie” came along, and gave them all their skills back. Then they would just dominate that pansy pussy spiderman.

btw. X-Men 2.0 looks nice^10 !

How about the Silver Surfer vs. all the X-men? I’m not sure if this already happened or not but it would be totally awesome.

You also have to keep in mind that the X-Men are suppose to be young. The original X-Men were teenagers. While Spiderman is the more experienced, superhero veteran. Therefore, I’d say Spiderman.

But, as The Realest pointed out, it’s been done.

The REAL question would be in a Justice League of America (JLA) vs. Avengers battle: who would win?

Think of the possibilities of a Wonder Woman facing off She-Hulk, Batman vs. Captain American, Superman vs. Thor, Black Canary vs. Black Widow, Aquaman vs. Namor. And I could go on… but just THINK of it.

Damn, did George Perez every finish or begin this one? (was a “in the works” crossover last year).

jinx: silver surfer, no question. were talking completely different leagues here. it’s like pitting the hulk against against a cub scout pack with nerf arrows.

I know, huh. Damn the Silver Surfer rules. Is there any superhero that can kik his ass? I don’t think so. Not even Superman.

with both being at their full potential i think surfer would take the big s. marvel and dc got together for a wank off a while back and pitted him against GL. surfer won but i think GL is rarely used at his full potential anyway, but he’s really the only one i would stick in the same power class alongside the great shiny one.

jla vs x-men is supposed to be set for release this summer. but as i understand it their crossing over for villains. x-men will take on one of the jla’s old foes where they’ll have to figure out the way to defeat 'em. and jla will take on one of the x-mens baddies and plow the field. should be cool.

patricia: remember that spiderman started out a high school kid too.
jla vs avengers would definately be cool, but the teams have both gone through so MANY roster changes where would you even begin?
plus in marvel/dc amalgam comics they already had batman beat cap and aquaman squash namor.
thor vs sups and WW vs she hulk though would be bitchin!!!