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Who Would Win This Fight?


Tony vs. Richard
Bare knuckled and no holds barred (bitch slapping is ok too)


All we could hope is that it would be a long bloody battle to the death wi the victor tripping while celebrating and hitting his head and dieing as well.




Anyone who can take it up the ass is a pretty tough SOB, so it's hard to tell.


Both men seem like good, upbeat people. They never sent a man to war without body armor, at least.

I don't get hating on people just because they aren't "edgy" or do hardcore things like wear mohawks.


I'm pretty sure they'd start to fornicate rather than fight.



Find... Self... Agreeing... With... oboffill...

Must... Resist...


Please shut the fuck up.

Everyone one knows Simmons, but who the hell is that on the right?


Come to the dark side my friend. lol.


Tony Little. You can't help but smile when you see him on T.V. He's a high energy dude. So much so that he makes you want to get off your ass and do something besides sitting on the couch.


My older brother and the rest of the binghamton lacross team have mohawks. They did it as a sign of unity, and I'm 99% sure they chose the mohawks as their sign of unity because a kid on their team used to wear one until he was in a base jumping accident and lost part of his skull and now needs to wear a custom helmet to protect his brain.

I agree with massif about shutting your mouth before making ignorant comments.


T-Nation never fails, eh. Some dude starts an unprovoked thread dissing two guys who are upbeat, positive, friendly guys. I defend these guys and I'm the ignorant one.

I'm going to jump off the roof now (to your delight, I imagine). Laters.


Poor guy. I'm glad to hear that your bro and the team did something in their mate's honor.

Everybody do me a favor and don't base jump. It's very dangerous.


Tony little used to be a bodybuilder and I'm pretty sure he knows you're not going to gazelle your way to the body you've always wanted. I'm pretty sure exploiting the public for their money by pursuading them to buy this piece of shit machine to get in shape isnt friendly.

That, and how do you know these guys are positive and friendly and upbeat? Unless you know them personally, which I doubt you do- they could be the biggest dicks in the world off camera.


Two jackasses that sell the hope of fitness to suckers without providing the real means to actually get fit.

They should be ashamed of themselves amassing a fortune and not providing a real service.

But at least they are upbeat.


You beat me to it!


You guys are too harsh.

The Gazelle aint the worst machine out there. It only costs about $200. Won't really break the bank and it's much less expensive than a treadmill or Bowflex. Burn some calories and easy on the knees.

Richard Simmons visits a lot of obese and ill people in hospitals. Have you seen him on T.V. visit these people. Hell, even if he doesn't care about these people, it doesn't matter. For these people, it means the world to them to get a visit from the famous Richard Simmons. He truly inspires some to turn their lives around with diet and exercise.

But, hey, it's cool to make fun of people. I get it.



You must be pretty wealthy since it 'only costs about 200 bucks' and it 'wont really break the bank' and yes its less expensive than a treadmill, but its still a piece of shit.


Or people could save $ 200 and go outside and walk.

You are actually impressed that he goes on TV and visits people?

Don't you understand that these are staged?

Better to make fun of phonies like these two rather than help them spread their bullshit.

Guys like this prey on desperate and gullible people.

That makes them assholes in my book.


But surely $200 spent on a "Gazelle" (whatever the hell that is), is $200 that couldn't be spent on half a days sugar and lard? So Tony wins the nice guy award.

As for the fight, I reckon Mr Simmons would go for a rear naked choke, or maybe a third arm bar.