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Who Would Win The Fight?


Who would win in a fight, and WHY?

Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson
George Foreman or Mike Tyson
Matt Furey or the Pillsbury Dough Boy
Plato or Aristotle
Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great
Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein
Bill Gates or John D. Rockefeller
Ronnie Coleman or Arnold in his prime
Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali
Jackie Chan or Jet Li
Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra
Madonna or Cher
Hitler or Stalin
George W. Bush or Vladimir Putin
Gorbachev or Reagan
Christiane Lamy or Jelena Djodjevic (sp?)
Pavel Tsatsouline or John Davies (yeah... it's been done before, but who cares)
ZEB or vroom (sorry, guys)
Leonardo Da Vinci or Michaelangelo
Mariusz Pudzianowski (sp?) or Bill Kazmaier

You don't have to call all these fights if you don't want to. Also, feel free to add your own fights.


zeb vs vroom...interesting, I don't think either of them could shut up long enough to fight =0


Wasn't Hawking the fella in the wheelchair? I can't see him putting up much of a fight.

And Davies over Pavel. Cause Davies is just cooler.


What about Homer vs Peter of Family Guy


Yeah, Hawking is the guy in the wheelchair, but have you seen that wheelchair? I've seen it on the simpsons, which as everyone knows, information just doesn't get more accurate than that, it is very advanced. Maybe he has some fighting machine in there?


Foreman would kill Tyson in three rounds


Jessica Simpson - so dumb she can't feel pain
George Foreman - only if winner gets a burger
Matt Furey - can Hindu knead him to fluffy submition
Stephen Hawking - two words: mechanized chair
Bill Gates - cybersuit mech beats steampowered mech
Arnold - more experience killing stuff
Bruce Lee - 3 inch punch
Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra - draw, come to my chambers for elimination round
George W. Bush - the button
Mariusz Pudzianowski - does everything


foreman (in his prime)
dough boy
lee, simply because he also knows how to use his legs
Jet Li hands fucking down
Draw between pavel and davies
Da Vinci


oh shit, i forgot the why.
Simpson is tougher by virtue of the fact that she has had a little more adversity in life; she did not grow up with her own personal ass wiper

Foreman fough much tougher opponents than tyson, yet he still has the second highest ko percentage of any heavyweight king

The pillsbury doughboy will engulf fury in his doughy self if the push up putz tries to grapple

Aristotle mastered every known field of his time, Plato just bitched about society

Caesar had better soldiers

hawking, since he is paralyzed, has to memorize whole blackboard sized equations as they flash into his mind, because he cannot write them down. intellectually, he would whup Einsteins ass

Rockefeller's fortune was 1% of the gdp of the US during his time. Gates is nowhere near being equivalent to that

Coleman is an unaesthetic freak

jet li is the number one ranked wu shu practictioner in China. jackie chan just recently got his black belt

carmen electra is slightly smarter

cher is made out of plastic, madonna's organic frame and fake british accent stand no chance!

hitler was bigger. (I think stalin was like 5'4)

Putin is a judo blackbelt, and he was in the KGB.

Reagan said "Bitch, Tear down that wall"

Da Vinci was so strong he was allegedly able to bend horshoes with his bare fucking hands, and could mould pewter in his hand (Plus he was the greatest all around intellect that ever lived)

Kazmaier was just stronger


Paris Hilton

Definetly Mike Tyson in his prime regardless of my personal views on him. Only Ali was better.

Alexander the Great

Carmen Electra, Pamala Anderson works for PETA. She isn't exactly scrappy.

Madonna or Cher. I'll go with Madonna but boy that is a good one.
Hitler or Stalin... Stalin!

John Davies


The Tyson/Foreman debate could go on for a long time, but Tyson still has my vote because of speed.

No arguments there

I didn't know that about Jet Li or Jackie Chan. I knew that Jackie Chan knew very little martial arts, but a lot of acrobatics. Very interesting fact.

But Hitler was a vegetarian. A vegetarian against a meat eater? Especially that the meat eater, while not as tall was twice as wide.

But Mariusz is so fast, flexible and agile. Strength is only part of the equation.


I want to see a tai chi practicioner peacefully kick somebody's ass. Like GWB please


Here's another interesting matchup between two starlets famous for their magnificent ass:

J Lo or Beyonce?


I would like to see them "fight".

I couldn?t care less who wins as long as there is a mud pit involved. :slight_smile: