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Who Would Win: Grizzly vs Rhino


My kids love playing the who would win game with animals or superheroes vs each other. I usually feel like I can give them a pretty good answer but they asked me about a grizzly (brown bear) vs a rhino. For these matches I usually assume the toughest of each species is going against each other, so we have

A) Brown bear, 2500 lbs
B) White Rhino, 10000 lbs

I am not sure the bear could do much damage to the Rhino with its super tough skin and giant size but then again I don't want to underestimate the bear. What do you think?

PS - I am secretly hoping this turns into another 100 people vs a bear thread


The rhino.

That's the end of that......now I'll come back tomorrow and see we're on page 7 and it's about Oprah dancing at the VMA awards.


This isn't even debateable. Because the bear is brown and the rhino is most likely white, the bear would win......

(Rhino, this is an easy answer. Weight aside, rhino's fend off packs of lions without consequence. Watch the predator vs predator show, forget what its called, they probably did it.)


Part of me feels like you were secretly asking which would have been worse - Miley Cyrus or Oprah Winfrey grinding on Robin Thicke at the VMA's.

Ez - Oprah


The Bear would jump on the Rhino's back and ride it to White Castles.


fuckin lol, Harold and Kumar reference?


Ahhh but is the Bear Harold or Kumar?


That thread should be the only sticky in this section.

Was a consensus ever reached on who would win? That was an epic fucking thread.


The most Fearsome and Dangerous land Animal is the Hippo...That Clumsy looking thing is way more
badass that anyone realizes, and it kills more Humans every year than Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my)


Is this bear smarter than the average bear?

Definitely the bear if he is intelligent enough to use battle tactics.

It also depends on the environment. In a forest the rhino is going to have a hard time moving around just because he is so damn big. And the bear can climb trees and stuff. If anything, I can't imagine the beer LOSING.

Wait, were you secretly making a 'nam metaphor here?


A bear would lose, a beer probably not....

Also, bears can't climb trees once they reach a certain age/weight. As cubs, their claws are curved to allow for climbing trees as a means of safety/escape. As they age, the claws become straighter, thus removing the possibility for climbing trees.

There, I just learned you something on the animal kingdom.


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You're right. I didn't know this was a distinction between black and brown bears.

But I really want the bear to win.


Nobody told this guy...


A grizzly


White rhinos can run 30 mph. How could a grizzly win? A rhino would easily crush its ribcage with its horn in one charge.

100 people could kill a grizzly bear, assuming they are not cowards. many would get mauled, but many people would get chances to strangle the grizzly, eventually the grizzly would be too tired to keep throwing them off.

No one person could even reach around the neck of a white rhino and the skin is too thick for any unarmed attack to work really so I would say no number of unarmed people could kill a white rhino


The only way a near sighted white Rhino could win is if the Bear was Sleep.
Brown Bears can also get pass 30 mph and they hunt meat.
I'm not sure the Grizzly could Kill the Rhino but he could Rape Ride that fucker all day long


A fire ant on PED's could kill them both.


My question is have either of them dirty bulked and are they natural?


The rhino is a vegan and the grizzly bear is an omnivore so obviously the bear would win.