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Who Would I Go To....


Well, I am soon starting my first cycle (Test prop-350mg/wk EOD x7 wks)

My only concern is this: I cannot inject myself, there is no way. I do not want my family to know what I am doing, and none of my friends have the qualifications to inject for me.

Who would I go to? A doctor? my nutritionist? any other thoughts?


WTF? Do doctors inject people with illegal drugs in your country?


Are you too scared to do it yourself, or is there a physical impairment? Provided there is no physical impairment you need to man up. If you want to use AAS you need to use needles.

What makes your friends unqualified? Experience? It doesn't take a genius to look at in a nursing handbook. You select certain regions of the body, you sterilize the skin, insert needle, aspirate, inject, pull needle out. Simple.


You don't need qualifications to inject bro. Have a friend do it if you cant do it yourself. Many websites have dummy step-by step slide shows of how to administer an IM injection, its simple you dont need to be a doctor you just gotta use your head


I guess I will have to man up then. To answer Schwarzy, yes it's a fear. I just have a fear of using a needle on myself. As for the glute injection, can you do that yourself, or just have my friend do it. What kind of site rotation should I use?


Some people do but quads are the easiest IMO.

Dude, also, if you don't like injections and/or injecting yourself or whatever, then don't use prop because it needs to be injected every day. I saw you posted that you planned to shoot eod. You'd be better off with some cyp or enan every third or fourth day.


Welcome to the club, I am sure everyone of us was scared the first time. I sure as hell know I was. I loaded that needle and stared at it for a half an hour. I must have counted to 3 50 times! Finally I just said "stop being a bitch you wanted to do this, so do it". I jabbed that needle in and instantly said "are you fucking kidding me lol that was nothing". That first one is a bitch, after that its all down hill bro. Now I almost look forward to that stick. good luck


If you scared of the needle, wait until you feel the burn inside the muscle..you'll be crying


Burn? WTF are you injecting?

I still can't jab in a needle. I'm a pussy when it comes to using the needle like a dart on myself. I go slow. I think I sat there for half an hour at least and looked at the needle and thought about how much of a pussy I was (much like the poster above, and probably everyone their first time). I got some great advice though: just touch the tip of the needle on your skin and slowly press it in. What scares people the most is the anticipation of a large painful event. If taken slowly like this it reduces anxiety and allows you to completely control the pain. You can keep pushing as long as you are comfortable with the pain, and before you know it it's in. It only hurts going through the skin, past that and it's pain free (unless you hit a nerve, but that's rare if you do it in the right areas).

As far as glute shots, I lay on my side and put a pillow next to my butt to support my hand. This position allows me to relax my leg and glute. I know some guys that do it standing up. I never could relax that way.

You can rotate sites pretty easily. I'd just go with vastus lateralus and deltoid injections. When you get more comfortable I would suggest dorsogluteal, and eventually ventrogluteal when you're really comfortable or you need additional injection sites. For most people the delts can take 1ml, the quads 2ml, and the glutes 3cc per injection.


Personally I have my gf give mine. She learned by reading about it on the internet and now she has gotten pretty good at it.

If you can't do it yourself then you need someone trustworthy to do it for you. Its not that difficult.


Just look at it as a new skill to learn. I've only given myself about 9 injections so far and it gets easier every time.

There's no substitute for experience. I've been poked hundreds of times over the years in hospitals, and I've seen my buddies give themselves injections, but until I did it I was still pretty ignorant about the process.


In the beginning, I used EMLA cream, a topical anaesthetic that makes injections painless. You won't feel a thing.

Now, I don't use it and its fine. Just have to jab hard and fast, piece of cake.