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Who Would Buy This?!


I cannot believe this is actually being sold and worse yet people bid on it. i guess it goes to show you people will believe anything..


please notice the description of acetyl L carnine.


lol. 52 positive and 1 negative feedback.


Apparently "sir_sexy_69" would buy it. What a fucking retard.


I like the winning bidder's name, sir_sexy_69. lol


"It's been scientifically proven ya know. 60% of the time roid juice works, everytime." lol




Man, what are you guys talking about? Can't you read? This stuff is BETTER than STEROIDS! This stuff sounds awesome...

"Our Roid Juice bodybuilders have been experiencing 14-30lbs of extreme muscle gain ? now its your turn."

Now if it was just 14 to 30 pounds of regular muscle, that would be one thing, but this is EXTREME muscle.

"Vandium ? to Further pump up Insulin levels Vandium is added for a tri-effect on Insulin"

Now I know in all the other products containing vandium, insulin levels are supposed to stay lower and under control, but in this product, it does the opposite. SWEET!

"Acetyl L Carnitine ? converts to the Testosterone ? massive muscle growth"

Wow, just like that? Who needs steroids when you can just take amino acids?

"Alpha-Lipoic-Acid ? world renowned Insulin Booster"

World Renowned. I'm sold.

Plus, anything called Roid Juice has got to be a winner!

I'd love to see the pinhead who buys this crap.


Pinhead?! I'll have you know that my head is at Least the size of a bowling ball, and with the help of Roid Juice will soon have a set of deltoids and a sixpack to match!
HAhaha, Who's laughing now?


you must look at all the compounds in this I think if you look again you will notice that there is two very strong not main stream compounds that work very well . As a joke one of my buddy's got this for me so I decided to be a ginny pig and try it I have to say that compared to one month of m1t that the it gave me at least twice the amount of mass and was very surprised, and only cost him 25.00 with ship a mounth of m1t 80 to 140 hum hum hum Just wanted to give you a real out look


Says the man with 2 posts...


Maybe he was a lurker and the thought of telling all of us about this awesome supp brought him out of the dark.

But the most important question;
Can I use slin pins to pin this, and do I pin SubQ or IM?


Neither, you heat it with a lighter in a spoon and shoot it boiling via IV injection. Make sure to use at least a 18 gauge or larger to keep the hole from closing so you can hit it easier next time.