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Who Would Benefit More From Juice?


Would a guy with natural high testostorone levels benifit more from steroids or a guy with naturally low levels?

I am thinking he guy with high levels should because he is has high levels topped up to very high levels

But then again I'm thinking the guy with low levels of natural test would benefit more because his body is not used to high levels of test.


Wouldnt make a difference. Once each subject had exceeded (I dont know the exact number) between 350-500 mg/week of test, each subjects natural test, whether high or low, would be shut down at this point.


Not sure, but once your body detects a ton of extra testosterone, both peoples own production shuts down anyway.


Yes I understand that but I was wondering, would there reactions to synthetic testosterone be the same, one guy is used to higher levels so would his gains be less dramatic?


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