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Who Wins 3 on 3, Boxers vs MMA

[quote]Sentoguy wrote:

[quote]Aussie Davo wrote:
Pretty sure tyson did break or at least fracture his hand on mitch green’s orbital bone in that street fight.

Green looked like he had been mauled by a tiger after though.[/quote]

Yup, he did. And yup, Green got KO’d.

The thing about this hypothetical “fight” is that it sounds like the OP is imagining this fight to be like a ring fight where the two teams of fighters starts at opposite ends of a big empty street or parking lot and then wait for the ref to tell everyone to go and then the fighters slowly approach their chosen opponents (like in a sport fight) and it plays out pretty much like 3 separate sport fights until the very end where the fighters who have won gang up on the remaining member of the losing team.

To me it sounds like the OP is trying to stack the deck in the boxers’ favor as well as having the fight begin in a completely unrealistic manner. I realize that this was supposed to be in the GAL forum and not the Combat forum though, and was meant as just kind of a silly “100 men vs a bear” style thread. But, it got moved here, where people who actually have extensive knowledge (and often strong prejudices/preferences) of the subject matter frequent. So it’s probably going to get a whole lot more serious, involved, and in depth than the OP originally intended.


100 men vs a bear?! I like it. but I think the bear gets 2 tired eventually. and assuming even 10 or so men can stay ok, then id fancy them to finish off the bear. id rather 100 men vs a a grizzly bear, and a polar bear. that seems more fair.

to be blunt, street fight, I think boxers have the edge.

sorry, I realise street fight has no rules. I retract the above.

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immature, but a bit of fun, wont post in combat in case sum take it too seriously and I think “get a life” is the perfect heading.

so…3 on 3.

wladimir klitschko , vitali klitschko and david haye


Cain Velasquez, brock lesner and Overeem.

Location: in the middle of the street.
Rules: no gloves, no weapons, they start 10 yards away from each other, and then fight begins.

for me, if the boxers are smart, they win. lesner comes in for the takedown on david haye, haye waits the moment, lands a huge right upper cut, good night. lesner on the floor, haye stomps him.

overeem trys to stand up vitali, hes not the cleverest, gets dealt with accordingly. huge shots its over quickly VITALI IS A BAD MAN!

velasquez goes for wladimir, wlad has 1 shot and cant keep him off with the jab, cain scores the takedown, is about to pound wlad, gets mauled by vitali and haye.

boxing > mma[/quote]

lol. With these ‘teams’, I think the Klitchskos go to work on Haye as soon as the bell sounds.

[quote]CarltonJ wrote:
right fuck, I haven’t taken this serious enough or thought about it/explained it.

lets start from the beginning. any1 seen that clip of brock lesner, hes just finished a fight in ufc and the undertaker asks him if he wants to do it? my mate was like, fuck u don’t mess with lesner hes the baddest man on the planet. (after I corrected him that mike Tyson was) I said there were numerous boxers id rather stay clear of. and that even a 48 year old lennos lewis wud smash lesner in a bar room brawl. it escalated from there.

right, I stand by no weapons. that ruins it. whoever gets 1 first highly likely wins. and its my scenario so my rules. if u don’t wanna play fair enough…

its 1am, cold Saturday night, so theklitschko brothers and haye are walking down an empty street when cain, lesner and overeem approach in the opposite. lesner barges past haye (he doesn’t like his earing or rolling stones sequined t-shirt) . none of the others notice, until, they start arguing. they are approx. 10 yards away. then they all, simultaneously, and conveniently release a fight is about to ensue. it goes from there! who wins…

ill allow low blows.[/quote]

I never said I wouldn’t play, just wanted to know the details.

From your more detailed scenario I’d say the most important thing would be who initiates the violence between Haye and Lesnar.

If Haye sucker punches Lesnar and KO’s or at least badly hurts him, then the boxers will likely win (since they will have superior numbers and one will be free to assist in kicking the MMA fighters in the head should they be able to close the distance and takedown one of the other boxers.

If Lesnar initiates, grabs a hold of Haye and power slams him into the pavement, then the MMA guys will likely win as they’ll be able to surround, corner the other boxers (first 2 vs 1, then 3 vs 1), grab a hold of them and smash them with strikes, takedowns, or both.

In other words it’s all about whoever can get the superior numbers of functioning fighters first.

[quote]CarltonJ wrote:
sorry, I realise street fight has no rules. I retract the above. [/quote]

Well then, in that case: the Klitschko brothers call up ten of their friends and the fight ends in 2 minutes. “Inexplicably” David Hayes is unconscious after the battle.

Can we send in Big country as a sub? Maybe as a human punch bag tire the boxers out?

Boxers aren’t familiar with leg kicks and take-downs.Once they are down/on back…Game over.