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Who Wins 3 on 3, Boxers vs MMA


immature, but a bit of fun, wont post in combat in case sum take it too seriously and I think "get a life" is the perfect heading.

so..3 on 3.

wladimir klitschko , vitali klitschko and david haye


Cain Velasquez, brock lesner and Overeem.

Location: in the middle of the street.
Rules: no gloves, no weapons, they start 10 yards away from each other, and then fight begins.

for me, if the boxers are smart, they win. lesner comes in for the takedown on david haye, haye waits the moment, lands a huge right upper cut, good night. lesner on the floor, haye stomps him.

overeem trys to stand up vitali, hes not the cleverest, gets dealt with accordingly. huge shots its over quickly VITALI IS A BAD MAN!

velasquez goes for wladimir, wlad has 1 shot and cant keep him off with the jab, cain scores the takedown, is about to pound wlad, gets mauled by vitali and haye.

boxing > mma


This, will get messy -

Gorgeous George




B**ch, If you wanna go down this road I'll throw in 20 chainsaw ninjas.


Wladimir is a closet homosexual and starts whispering sweet nothings into Haye's ear, who has always flirted with his sexuality. Pretty soon the two are on the floor going hammer and tongs on eachother

Lesnar is on so many different roids that his libido is through the roof and pretty soon he can't help but sport half a chub, he figures what the fuck a hole is a hole and joins in. Overeem is initially hesitant but being a man who enjoys the more exotic experiences of life, he rationalizes to himself what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. Suddenly its a massive man orgy comprising of 1000+ lbs of man meat, testosterone and pent up aggression.

Overeem is donkey punching lesnar from behind while wlad and haye display impressive flexibility and a willingness to serve all parties.

Vitali stands in the corner, helpless to do anything but weep in shame at the depravity of his little brother.

Velasquez films the whole thing on his mobile hoping his cousins in mexico can bootleg the thing on the internet.

you will never look at the heavyweight division the same ever again.


Lol! It seems like this may not be the first time you've thought about this.

As for the original topic, the fact that it's in an open space theoretically helps the strikers, but the lack of gloves and the fact that you chose heavyweights for this match-up means that most times through this is going to go to the MMA fighters. Watch just about any HW boxing match you will see quite a bit of clinching or at least the fighters getting into range where they could clinch.

If any of those HW MMA fighters gets into a clinch with any of those boxers even once it's going to be game over for the boxers (whether that be a thunderous takedown into the pavement (and trust me, getting taken down on pavement, especially if you haven't trained correct breakfalling extensively, which not too many boxers do is a lot different and less forgiving than getting taken down on a mat or in a padded ring) or a knee borage from Overeem).

And honestly, it's a lot harder to land that one clean KO punch on an incoming grappler than untrained people (or even boxers who don't have experience trying to do so) think. It can be done, and the open space does make it somewhat more feasible. But I wouldn't bet the farm on it. And if you aren't right on the button then:

1) the grappler is on and you are going for a ride
2) you may break your hand (especially since most pro boxers always have their hands wrapped, or wear gloves to protect them, or both and therefore aren't used to hitting hard things barehanded), which would leave the boxer with only one hand to try to KO the MMA fighter
3) both may occur

Now, had you chose a HW like a prime Tyson (who was extremely explosive and fast, hand legit one punch KO power in either hand, was mobile, and had some street violence experience), a prime Roy Jones Jr (who again could KO you with either hand and was unbelievably fast and mobile), and a prime Roberto Duran and picked more striking based (or at least not as accomplished of grapplers) MMA fighters like Tim Silvia, Rich Franklin, and Anthony Pettis I would have given the fight to the boxers (as stylistically they would match up better).

Remember that styles make fights and people fight, not systems.


[quote]Aussie Davo wrote:
Haye's ear, who has always flirted with his sexuality.

LOL!!! True dat.


Nice assessment. agree in parts. no gloves is an advantage to the boxers imo. if this was in a confined space, id favour the mma fighters. but I wanted it like the wilderness.

true, its very hard to land a true clean ko punch on another professional fighter. but I still like Hayes chance when standing up against lesner. I fancy him to be able to land a clean enough shot that lesner is a/ staggered or at least b/ cant proceed with the takedown. from then, haye deals with him.

fuck lets through Tyson or lennox lewis in instead. wlads a pussy anyway. cain tries to take lennox down, in doing so gets hammered on the back of the head (this is a street fight after all), that's that 1 taken care of.

I honestly think its a clear win for the boxers. for me, its just not possible to score a takedown (regularly) against opponents that skilled with their hands. and that's their only chance, they cant stand up. look at lesner, with his fists hes amateur level. its not required in mma


fuck. ive started taking this too seriously.

heres a sick video of david haye training. the guys an arrogant, fame hungry, sore loser. but, lets be fair, hes fucking diced. incredible shape. Tyson and the real deal would be proud.


The lack of gloves could be both an advantage and a disadvantage for the boxers. On the one hand the lack of padding may mean that more of the force of the punch is transferred to the opponent and may mean a better chance for a KO if the punch lands clean. But it also means that the hands are not protected and thus also have a greater chance of being broken if they contact a hard bony surface like the skull, elbows/forearms, or even chin. For instance, prior to the introduction of boxing gloves in the late 19th century uppercuts to the chin were not a common (in fact completely absent) punch in the sport of boxing since striking the hard chin had a high propensity towards resulting in a broken hand; instead they were thrown exclusively to the body.

The truth is that Boxing gloves are designed to protect fighters' hands and thus actually allow for harder punches to be thrown safely to the head (and also serve to reduce the occurrence of cuts), not to protect the other fighter's head/brain.

I agree that Lesnar is essentially a one trick pony, and judging by his tendency to crumble when he gets hit would likely make him a poor MMA fighter for such a scenario. But again, Hayes would have to land a clean, on the money power punch on Lesnar without breaking his hand(s) in the process of trying, running into any of the other fighters and thus running out of real estate to run or getting spun around and leaving himself open to getting grabbed from behind, or tripping over a curb and winding up on their back, or running into a parked car, etc.., in other words, in real life there are terrain elements or uncontrollable variables which one does not have to worry about in a ring with rules. If Hayes does not train to do this, I wouldn't put money on his chances of pulling it off in this situation.

The same is true for the MMA fighters as well of course and one of the boxers could absolutely blind side KO one of them who is busy focusing on one of the other Boxers. In a multiple person scenario like this Murphy's Law is strongly in effect and anything could potentially happen.

Now, a Prime Tyson I would give the best chance of KO'ing any of those MMA fighters as again he had great speed, timing, and power in both hands. I still think there's a good chance that he breaks his hand/hands in the process though.


Pretty sure tyson did break or at least fracture his hand on mitch green's orbital bone in that street fight.

Green looked like he had been mauled by a tiger after though.


tbf that just sounds like every decent fighter ever


Yup, he did. And yup, Green got KO'd.

The thing about this hypothetical "fight" is that it sounds like the OP is imagining this fight to be like a ring fight where the two teams of fighters starts at opposite ends of a big empty street or parking lot and then wait for the ref to tell everyone to go and then the fighters slowly approach their chosen opponents (like in a sport fight) and it plays out pretty much like 3 separate sport fights until the very end where the fighters who have won gang up on the remaining member of the losing team.

To me it sounds like the OP is trying to stack the deck in the boxers' favor as well as having the fight begin in a completely unrealistic manner. I realize that this was supposed to be in the GAL forum and not the Combat forum though, and was meant as just kind of a silly "100 men vs a bear" style thread. But, it got moved here, where people who actually have extensive knowledge (and often strong prejudices/preferences) of the subject matter frequent. So it's probably going to get a whole lot more serious, involved, and in depth than the OP originally intended.


na wasn't intentionally trying to stack the deck. I was thinking they started like tekken starting style lol

decided no gloves because it made more sense. the mma guys could grapple otherwise and the boxers couldn't.

ye ok, the open space was slight bias, but in a bar room brawl etc, could be however lands first shot wins. I wasn't presenting it as though it was out in the wild. mano et mano, as pure as possible. no outside influences. no excuses. no ring/cage, nor weapons.


If you wanted Mano et Mano, then why make it a 3 on 3? And if you want to make it as "pure" as possible, then to me that means you want this to be a sport fight where you preset the rules to ban weapons, ambush attacks, and the starting place and time is predetermined and all fighters are fully aware that they will be fighting under these rules; or that you cannot make any rules (so the no weapons thing is out, as is assuming that it starts with the multiple match-ups starting Tekken or sport fight style with everyone knowing who, when, and where the fight will take place). I don't see how there is really anything in between those two options could make it a "pure" fight.


And I've got news for you, with or without gloves the boxers cannot grapple :wink:


You knew.

And yet, how could you have predicted.


Robert A



Well done sir.



Stipulating "no weapons" and that no one else is jumping in does a lot to stem the issues associated with going to the ground when there is no ref.

This kind of reads like a 3 on 3 MMA fight, but with no issues with "fouls"/prohibited technique. I will state that BJJ fighters(and almost all MMA guys have working knowledge of BJJ even if they claim a different lineage) have an absolutely enviable record in winning against boxers and kickboxers under similar conditions. They just called it vale tudo. Doing it on cement makes grappling less comfortable, but doubly so for the guy on the bottom.

That being said, since this is a 3 on 3 my answer is whichever team either uses or lucks into better tactics AS A TEAM. I think The Brothers Klitschko have a far better chance of doing that than 3 strangers.

Also, what the hell and why?


Robert A


right fuck, I haven't taken this serious enough or thought about it/explained it.

lets start from the beginning. any1 seen that clip of brock lesner, hes just finished a fight in ufc and the undertaker asks him if he wants to do it? my mate was like, fuck u don't mess with lesner hes the baddest man on the planet. (after I corrected him that mike Tyson was) I said there were numerous boxers id rather stay clear of. and that even a 48 year old lennos lewis wud smash lesner in a bar room brawl. it escalated from there.

right, I stand by no weapons. that ruins it. whoever gets 1 first highly likely wins. and its my scenario so my rules. if u don't wanna play fair enough..

its 1am, cold Saturday night, so theklitschko brothers and haye are walking down an empty street when cain, lesner and overeem approach in the opposite. lesner barges past haye (he doesn't like his earing or rolling stones sequined t-shirt) . none of the others notice, until, they start arguing. they are approx. 10 yards away. then they all, simultaneously, and conveniently release a fight is about to ensue. it goes from there! who wins...

ill allow low blows.