Who Will Get Impeached First?

  • Hillary
  • Trump

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This is just a little fun in this bleak election cycle. I figure whichever wins, is going to get impeached at some point. But who do you think would get impeached sooner, Hillary or Trump?

Trump says he’s going to do some outlandish shit which is basically illegal in many instances, but Hillary has a history of toying with the system and actually doing things that are illegal or borderline.

So if they won, who sooner into their term would get impeached?

This is not a prediction on who’s going to win or who you’re voting for. It’s about who you would think would grievously violate the constitution first. There are good arguments on both sides. You can actually be voting for the person and still think they will screw something up enough to feel the wrath of Congress and the American people.


I feel like Hillary gets the “Extreme Carelessness” treatment throughout.

Hillary way faster. Republicans would use legal channels.

Millennial Hipster Liberals would do some kind of anti Trump, Facebook protest/walkout/occupation where they skip work.


Hillary because she’s actually going to be the next President…

*Trump would probably grievously violate the Constitution first.

I don’t think you understand who has the power to impeach.

The Theoretical Congress? Full of hypothetical Republicans.

Who probably would want to bring charges against Clinton. Like some real life Republican congressmen would like to?

He would grab it by the p***y.


Absolutely, the Constitution is a classy girl.


You can say “pussy” here…

I know. It just sounded so damn icky in that sound bite that I no longer even like the word.

Just my own particular strangeness.

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It sounds like he’s talking about grabbing some post-op tranny in a seedy Thai hotel.


Well apparently I say it in my sleep…
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Yeah, I have said some gnarly stuff in the past, you know partying or whatever with friends and thought nothing of it. Then later hear somebody talk like that and be kind of put off… Then I remember, I ain’t no better.

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Definitely a fun topic.

I think Trump gets impeached first.

HRC is much more likely to slither her way through because she’ll do things borderline / illegal that she can actually figure out how to cover up.

Trump has much higher upside in the “Do something blatantly illegal that can be easily proven” category. Just about anything seems in play with him.

Lol, ya… Trump will get on Twitter and be like:

Tweet #1: I will straight murder you, Paul Ryan, if you don’t get in line!

Tweet #2: This isn’t hyperbole. I will fucking kill you.

Clinton will just order a drone strike through back channels…

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I say Trump. Feel like Hillary would be able to fight it and stall, if not completely get rid of her issues through some type of shade. She’s got the political backers to protect herself a little bit.

I think the second Trump messes up royally, they’ll be looking to oust him and get someone else in there. His followers may be loyal but they’re not DC politicians.


Trump has spent the entire primary and now general season antagonizing the Republican establishment.

I can’t imagine that the Party leadership is going to be terribly enthused about defending him if/when he makes a major boo-boo in office.

If the House and Senate flip they may not try and oust him, though. Let him damage the party even more than he already has.

How can you not like “Pussy”?

I personally love how it rolls off the tongue.


Trump, he might have the balls to do it, and he has grabbed one pussy already.

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Best case scenario, Trump. Then Pence takes over.