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Who Will BJ Penn Face on Oct 29?


This is straight from his Twitter:

"Dana just offered me a deal I can't refuse.pretty sure I'm still fighting on Oct. 29th."

Any thoughts on who this might be?


Anderson? lol. Like someone posted on the UG:

"We're taking Condit away from you."
"Ok, but you owe me."
"Sure, any fighter, name him, you fight him."
"What? Problem?"

Seriously though I'm thinking Melendez.


Anderson would fucking destroy him bro.

El NiƱo?



Nick Diaz himself.



much more intriguing matchup


Well, guess he is just too big of a draw to throw him out that soon. Baby Jesus - Nick Diaz will be far more interesting of a fight that GSP - Diaz though, I just hope BJ will smash his face in hard.


Seconded. They have similar strengths, but Diaz has spotty TD defense.

I wonder how Jesus approaches this one. Does try for a takedown? He does have the BJJ caliber to do well on the ground, as long as he's on the top. Does he box? Diaz has length, is unorthodox, and starts fast.


I don't think Diaz will look going to the ground with BJ. will be a fun battle.


My money is on Diaz. I agree this fight might be more interesting than seeing GSP just laying on people for 25 minutes.

I hope Condit fucks him up!


This is kind of an interesting fight,
they have trained together a little bit,

Nick is kind of lanky and his height and reach might make
a difficult match up for Penn

Both of these guys have not really been finished
BJ just 2x and I think Diaz only by cuts.

I don't think either have ever been subbed.

thinking it will be competitive but also thinking
BJ is more sophisticated, and prob heavier handed


BJ is definitely heavier handed, before i board the Diaz Wagon, i always wondered why the hell he could outstrike ferocious strikers with powerful hands like Daley, Zaromskis, Cyborg, Scott Smith and Lawler.


You're forgetting his manhandling of Marcus Davis, which I still don't get. His super awkward style combined with a ridiculous reach gives dudes problems. If Penn takes this seriously I think he dominates this. Either way it should be an awesome fight.


I guess you confused Nate with Nick.

Nate's Nick poor man version


You're right, my bad.


Never ceases to puzzle me too, neither of the Diaz brothers are really all that good standing but still pull out that shit. I really hope BJ comes in focused and rips off Diaz's punk head just to prove my point right lol.


it's not because you have "light hands" that your standing sucks. Otherwise he wouldn't make fools out of excellent strikers

check Paul Daley vs Jordan Radev that went this weekend on BAMMA 7 and tell me if he has a mediocre stand-up.