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Who/What Grinds Your Gears?


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I think Lady GAGA is the fugliest woman and the stuff she's wears it like WTF! Fashion or not that is just stupid. She makes kids that wear their pants at their knees with no belt look better.


She's a crazy bitch.

What grinds my gears: People who "OMG! New magic bullet training program for Biotest! This time I'll REALLY get jacked!"

Sorry. This post may not make it, but that's what really grinds mah gurz.


You America! Fuck you!... Diane?

Had to. :slight_smile:


The blacks.....

Wait, what?


When people go into my washroom, finish the roll of toilet paper and decide to replace it with a full roll with the paper coming out of the back... It makes me want to smash someone's head in!


You mean I've been doing it wrong the whole time!



annoying fucking drunks...........

oh and dumb women.


People who poop in their hand. I mean, seriously, is it that hard for you to poop behind a tree like the rest of us?


People who use the handicap parking spot when they're not handicapped.
Even worse are the people who park there who have the handicap mirror dangler, but they can walk like normal.



Wow, I didn't know there was a right or wrong way.


Psst... there isn't. It's called crazy neuroticism.


Honestly? Surprise shits.

I mean the ones that just creep up, and within 3 minutes are coming out no matter what you or your anus thinks.

The shits that have you dancing around in the stall at the local club building a nest, with at least 6 other dudes in the bathroom, and 12 in line outside, because there is no way you will make it home, and shitting yourself in your car is not an option.

I mean the ones that have you pull over on the side of the freeway, wall squat against a tree and damage the surrounding 4 feet like it has never been damaged before.


No offense...are you a janitor? Obviously, you seem to take this very seriously...just sayin.


Lady Gaga is sexy, her music is undeniably terrible but she herself is fucking hot.


Wait. What?


And another thing.

The fact that one of you bastards couldn't have mentioned cube steak like 12 months ago?

Fuck SteelyD just introduced me to it the other week...

You guys are dicks for holding out.


You know what really grinds my gears? Lady Gaga is a butter face.
She has a bangin body but her face is so damn ugly. Just look at that ass, damnnn.


Bad drivers really grind my gears.

Sometimes, it seems like people just get in their cars with no intention of actually going anywhere, they just drive around aimlessly and like to wait at stoplights.


hahaha, i lol'd irl.

What grinds my gears?
Fake people.


as far as im concerned she doesn't need a face.