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Who Wears Jocks?

Who here wears jocks when they do physical activity (lift, run, whatever)? I’m not talking about cups, I’m talking about a nice, cradling hammock for your balls.

For the longest time I used to just wear compression shorts under my regular shorts whenever I’d lift, go running, or skate (speedskating). But recently I got into a discussion with one of my coaches on jocks and I told him that I don’t wear them. He told me I should. So trusting the judgement of my coach, I decided to buy one. Wow, what a difference. He told me to imagine a cute, petite Asian girl running behind me with her hands cupped between my legs cradling my boys while I do whatever I do… that made it even better!

So who wears em?

I don’t wear 'em, but I wear whitey-tighties when I do my cardio…does that count?

I wear that elastic UnderArmor stuff, it’s not that brand(half as much, feel/looks the same). But it keeps my junk from flopin around all over the place and cuts down on the ball sweat big time. This coming from a guy that used to wear boxers while lifting, no wonder all the chicks were staring at when I benched(it sure as hell wasn’t from the massive amount of weight on the bar)!

I wear a jock for any kind of major physical activity. That includes lifting and running. For lighter activities like hiking I wear some kind of tight underwear + spandex shorts. For activities where, ahem, contact is possible (racquetball for example), I’ll wear a full on cup.

I don’t know if its just because im well hung or what :-P, but I seem to need a lot of support and wouldn’t be caught dead in the gym without a jock.

It would be nice to hear what a real expert has to say about support during activities (if there is such a thing). I hate compression shorts. My unit and boys always get pinched between my legs and the compression shorts. I don’t wear briefs, period. I wear boxers, including to the gym. I’ve tried wearing a cup during racquetball, but there isn’t enough room in them. For now, I’ll stick with boxers.

Bikemike, if you need a roomy cup, try to get an “Original Banana Cup.” Then take out the foam liner in it - the result is enough room for us larger guys :-P. I only suggest this because, while racquetball is usually innocuous, I got beaned in the crotch once before I got a cup (not fun at all), and the cup has itself saved me a few times… that ball moves quick!

That’s why I tried the protective cup in the first place; I’ve been nailed twice by a ball and once by a racquet. I’ll check out this banana cup.

I just wear a “Crown Royal” bag. It’s just so darned velvity.