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Who Watches Weeds Religiously?


Anyone else watch this show religiously? It's one of the few shows on t.v. that I will go out of my way each week to make sure I catch the new episode. Plus I do enjoy the added nudity of Mary Louise Parker in the last season (which has continued into the new season).



Weeds ?


DAMNIT I miss this show. I was watching all the time when I was in Cali. I got to jump back on the weeds wagon.


The lead actress is a MILF. So hot.

But I didn't really like Weeds that much, I never got past episode three. Breaking Bad has a similar backround (person turns to selling drugs as a means to financial security), but is way better written IMO. So you might wanna check that out.

Dunno though, maybe I oughtta give Weeds a second chance, Mary Louise Parker is pretty hot...


I watch it when it comes out on DVD, since I don't have Showtime. I love the show, but I was a little disappointed in Season Four...well...except for the MLP nudity. :slight_smile:

I tried watch Breaking Bad recently on a friend's recommendation. I just couldn't get into it.


Yeah season 4 had a different feel from seasons 1-3. Season 5 seems to be more like season 1-3 (so far), except Shane is still being really creepy. Kevin Nealon is better than ever as Doug IMO - he has kept me laughing my ass off every episode so far in season 5.

I agree about Breaking Bad, a buddy of mine kept saying to watch it, I tried several times but I guess I couldn't really get into the dark comedy in it.


Weeds is awesome, but I can't quite figure out their distribution. Seasons 1-3 are up for download on Netflix, season 4 is only available by mail, but season 5 is going straight to download. WTF?


I love breaking bad, but they need to get on with season 4.


weeds is awesome

i watch all of the episodes @ www.sidereel.com

you can basically watch any show of any season there. it kicks ass


I love weeds. Nancy is HOT! The antics of Doug and Andy make me laugh. Last weeks episode Andy was hitting the garage gym - apparently he hadn't heard of WS4SB


I think Weeds has run it's course. I sort of don't like it at all anymore. It's just boring, but I watch it anyway, just because I want to know what happens. The first 2, maybe 3 seasons (can't remember #3) were good, then it went downhill.

I actually think Doug was better in previous seasons, but he's about the only character I like; maybe Andy too.

Also, I seriously don't find Nancy hot at all - or I would watch it for that reason alone - I don't know why, and I can see why others would. She can look kind of cute now and again, but that's about it. Her character is immensely annoying.

A friend recommended Breaking Bad to me, I've been meaning to watch that.