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Who Watches Rescue Me?


Anyone watch it?


Great show, DVR it, never have time to watch it.


I've been with it since the beginning. Great show. Some crazy shit has gone done over the seasons.


You too? Love the show. I remember it used to Rescue Me, Thief, and Over There.

And stop stealing my avatars!

Rescue Me FTW!


There's been a thread done on this before. But it is probably my utmost favorite show. Never miss it. I've also watched it from the start but I never knew it had a different name...?
Tommy Gavin has to be the single most interesting and troubled character on TV today.


Awesome show, been watching it from the get go too. I do wish Tommy would start drinking again though...


I watched until the end of the 2nd season when Tommy got caught in the house fire (IIRC) been a while.

Is it still good? I might have to check past episodes out


Rescue me
Breaking bad
Trailor Park Boys

the only reasons to own a TV.


Definitely one of the best shows...i agree, Tommy needs to start drinking again...that guy is just a huge shitshow when he does, funny to watch.

his ex-wife is a total babe...but fucking crazy.

probie and sean make the show hilarious too.


DF85 wrote: Rescue me
Breaking bad
Trailor Park Boys

the only reasons to own a TV.

its neat to see someone from the U.S. mention trailer park boys, its actually filmed basically in my backyard, well across the lake, and no i dont live in a trailer ahha its really neat the whole trailer park is a set its not shot in an actual trailer park

and yes rescue me is an awesome show, im getting ready to go to the fire academy this summer so its really interesting to watch the show, althouigh its a show so not overly realistic all the time