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Who Watched Ireland win the Grand Slam?


Im a happy happy man right now.


that was incredible…when jones stepped up i thought grand slam was gone…proud day…t

I cudnt watch… What a fucking match.

2bh, we made it hard on ourselves… but who cares, GRAND SLAM

I played in school with Bowe, dont think hes ever going to have to buy a pint back home again.

Dublin will be MENTAL tonight!Bowes try was outstanding…well everyone made it hard on us by daring to mention grand slam before tonight!Steve jones was smashing but ROG deserves all the praise…such a solid player

ogara… u serious.

awful in the last match, fucked up the penalty, fucked up 2 or three important kicks. I was screaming for Wallace 20 mins in. lol

Glasgow wont even fucking notice this lol, football city and all.

Predictions for player of the tournament?

Sir I am so fucing happy right now BOD is easily player of the tournament and lions captain.

He is defo up there.

x2 on the lions captain.

yeah BOD defo.but the balls ROG showed in the last five minutes…how many would have choked?

nah o’connell for lions captain, but BOD is a definate starter

O’Connell was excellent, was very impressed by ROG even when being targeted constantly as a weak link - he got taken out a lot, but stopped so many breaks. And the last kick - incredible.
My heart has never been under so much stress