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Who Wants to Order my German Dinner ?


I'm set on what to wear, but what to eat? C'mon ! Help a t-bra out !


And don't forget to tell me what beers to order:


Reservations are at 6:00 so get suggesting !


You can't go wrong here...

Jagerschnitzel~ $20.~
A breaded pork tenderloin topped with our Jager �??Hunter�?? sauce of fresh mushrooms and onions, served with spatzle and red cabbage

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu~ $19.~
A breaded pork tenderloin stuffed with Black Forest Ham, Munster cheese and German mustard served with spatzle and red cabbage


No contest

Munich Style Pork Shank

Spaten Lager (Order a "Mass")


Oh yeah....I've been eating nothing by Thai food for dinner the past week, so don't forget to factor that into your suggestions.

Good stuff so far. Who else wants to choose my dinner ? I'll take a pic and pm it to the winning suggester.


The "Drunken German Chick" looks good...



For the beer Ayinger Brau caught my eye.


Thanks brau ! I mean brah !

You could be soaking in the festivities with us if you'd stop pussy-footing around and make a move on my mother in law already for christ's sake...


I'm actually german, so for me my favourite choice would be the Rolladen w/ potato dumplings, red cabbage, and sauerkraut. I'd probably get the herring appetizer too.


If it were me, I'd get the sauerbraten with a side of spatzle and the Kolsch on tap. If they only have Kolsch in a bottle, then I'd skip it and go with the Bitburger, but it all depends on what you like. The Celebrator is always nice - ask them for the little plastic goat that comes with the bottle. Whoever ends up with the most goats at the end is the winner.



Kostritzer Black Beer is great. Very...nutty tasting and full bodied

Franzikaner Dunkle Hefe was the best hefewiesen I've ever tried, from the tap it should be awesome. Very smooth, subtle hints of banana taste.

Were it me, I'd be trying the Dopplebocks. I've not really tried a genuine dopplebock.


German food is ick.


I like sauerkraut.. but then I like pickles

and I put hot sauce on stuff


One time, I ate an entire jar of sprinkles with a spoon. They were Rainbow sprinkles./no homo


The Sauerbraten sounds good. How big are the portions? I would expect those germans to hook a brother up.


you mean no homo prior to the sprinkle devouring incident


I just came to the thread to suggest Schnitzel but now I got a hard on. I think it is just morning wood...but it's 10:30...oh God.

The best thing about German food is German beer going with it. How do you tell if a German chick is a keeper? She's got OG sized endowments and can carry 4 1 liter mugs in each hand...on second thought she's only got to do/have one of those.


Yeah, I know. Maybe if this Test Fest thing pans out I can show up in my Alex Lifeson 2112 man-toe jumpsuit with cape.

It's ok to like it.


Hmm - I'm too late for this, but I'd start with the Kase Spatzle, go on to Saurbraten. Didn't see a dessert menu, but would hope for Kaiser Schmarme (or Apfel Strudel as a second, popular and likely offered, choice).

Don't like beer (even if I'm currently living in Germany) - would select an Augustiner for a friend or maybe the Czechvar.


Hey Sen, spricken ze dick!


I didn't get one of these at the restaurant, but I did pick up a 6 pack Sunday morning when I made my weekly liquor store visit. Good beer. Great goats.