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Who Wants To Kick The Extra Point

with Jay Feely’s head? After him missing the 33 yard field goal today to put the giants up by 10, and last weeks 3 to win the game. Which they lost, I do.

Hell I’ll do it 4 times, one for each time he sucked a big one.

Anyway, I am a Giants fan… but come on.

Agreed. When he missed, I was swearing up and down and cursing him. DAMN KICKERS!

I don’t think srength sports forum is the place to post this but Jay Feely has had a LOT of big games for them earlier this year. Kickers kind of have a groove to get in and they do get into slumps. That being said I’m mad too because Feely is my starting kicker on all my fantasy teams!!!

Ehh, I figured football=strength sport. Sorry.

Yes I know, in the beginning of the season he was a huge part of the giants winning record. But these past two weeks he completley blew it. Especially last week.

This weekend against the cowboys that extra 3 points in the 4th quarter would have been nice, instead of leaving them an opportunity to tie it.

Last week against Seattle? Come on. That was a huge game for them, and he blew 3 chances to win it for them.

dont worry, he’ll shine when NYG beats Seattle in the playoffs.

That sucked in Seattle but he is usually pretty clutch. That Seahawks game was huge cause they could be battling for homefield. Now 2nd seed might be a reach but we’ll see. Either way Go G-men!