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Who Wants to Hear Rougevampire's Sexy Voice?



Mmmmmmmm he sounds sooooo hot


Are you stalking him, or are you his other ego?


this is RV's REAL youtube video



is he fondling his own man-breasticles?


^^he's having a mini heart attack


I like RogueVampire. T-Nation thrives on good characters.

Gary, you look like this woman Debbie I used to work with many years ago. Except your tits are bigger.



Yeah im stalking him i love him so much his real name is david panzeri this is him at work


so hot in his work clothes


There's an abundance of creepy in this thread.


P.S. Mods need to lock this shit down, posting real-life shit without RV's permission (even if he is slightly "off") is totally uncool.


Is there a point to all of this?