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Who Wants To Have A Friendly Comp Next Year?

  • Grew up with iTunes

  • Grew up with CDs

  • Grew up with cassette tapes

  • Grew up with 8-tracks

  • Grew up with Truman’s Fireside Chats


You missed one … “You mean I have to PAY for music?”

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My first stereo was a combo record player, AM/FM radio and 8-track player. It was boss, hoss.


Ahh, 8-track players. Age divisions. Yep.

Wait. I’m a PLer. Wrong forum.


I’m feeling old just reading colucci’s references -lol


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LOL! I like Robostein, denotes that machine like mentality. I am Robostein, fueled by Poo Tarts and Finibars.


Can you please get a doctorate so that we can call you Dr. Robostein?

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If there are going to be divisions, my BBing Cat has been bulking again.
Pics from a couple of years ago, some of you have seen him last time he cut.
Before Pic
Full House Look.

Chicks really dig a BIG puffy cat.

And here are a couple of after pics.
Shredded Cat.
Sometimes the BIG PLer cat like to see his abs.

Cat has really low T. He doesn’t like to talk about it.
High protein diet. A LOT of sleep.
Here’s not big on cardio, but he loves this kind of conditioning.

Cat from the hood.
Notice the difference.
Pretty sure this one’s not catnip free.
We’d need another division for this cat.


Your cat bears a striking resemblance to President Van Buren.

This is not a compliment. :stuck_out_tongue:


He is kinda working on a mane there. Hah.

The BBing cat isn’t very smart, but he is REALLY handsome.

I like the cake, BTW. Clever you.

I can’t take credit for the cake. Maybe it marks my TN ‘birthday’? Just a hypothesis.

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Kinda disappointed I didn’t make the list here. Anyway, is it too early to post an after pic? I was sick for like 2 weeks and lost about 7 lbs.


Could be worse–you could have made the list, then garnered zero votes. :disappointed:


Fixed. Even though I’m a little mad that I don’t have the mystery cake. My avatar is even holding CAKE. There’s a lot of unfairness around here.

BTW, this is the wrong forum for election complaints. :wink:

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I don’t need your pity-vote.

Actually, I do. Thanks, bro-ette.

Ouch. Kick a liberal while he’s down, why don’tcha.

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Haha. It’s a tough crowd. Word. Nobody likes a crybaby holding cake. Now if they had put a burger or a cow emoji in front of that cake, that would have been very funny. I get to make sexist jokes here. Flip looks really good, right? Almost as handsome as the BBing cat.

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You can’t have your digital cake and eat it too.

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Good one. I was trying to make a cakesniffer joke but couldn’t get it to work, since EyeDentist obviously has cake. I do have an entire chocolate cake in my avatar.

I think that makes the rest of you cakesniffers.

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I suppose, but only if the standards by which appearance is judged emphasize attributes such as size, muscularity, vascularity, etc.

Speaking of ‘ouch’…


That would be awesome. How do I get that? Timing it between Thanksgiving and New Year’s would be good.

Honestly, I’m just having a heck of a time being motivated to care these days.

Recent Before and After pic.

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