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Who Wants To Have A Friendly Comp Next Year?


Something @Lonnie123 said in Brick’s thread got me thinking:

How would you guys like to do like a mock comp between us? We’d pick a start date, an end date and then all do a cut to see who can make the biggest transformation?

We’d pick judges (obvious choices would be @robstein, @BrickHead and @The_Mighty_Stu, but maybe the powers that be like TC or Thibs would get involved if we asked) and they’d decide a winner.

It’d all be super friendly and supportive, of course. No weight classes, no natty or enhanced division, just all of us in together. And it’d be for all posters, from the super experienced to the rank beginner. The judges can just factor in things like training age, drug use, etc., when they make their decision. So like if some beginner went from 300lbs to 180lbs, that’d be more impressive than a steroid user going from 220lbs to 190lbs even though the user might be more jacked. That make sense?

I think it’d be really fun! And a lot of posters (cough cough the powerlifters cough cough) on here who have never cut properly before could use it as motivation to try and strip away some of the lard.

Thoughts anyone?

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I assume that if Stu is judging, I can’t hire him to make me win? :grinning:


I think it would be excellent but I don’t am not sure if I am qualified to judge, having only prepped for one show that I have not even done yet. However, I think I should give myself some credit on judging criteria having been a fan of bodybuilding since 1992 and attended many IFBB, NPC, and INBF/WNBF shows through the years and will be attending more to come. :slight_smile:

PERHAPS Biotest will offer prizes from such an idea. I think it would be awesome and would get this board going again like the old days… minus the flaming and e-wars there were.


lol! I know you’re just kidding but I think we both know that even if someone was to hire Stu then he’d still be even handed enough not to show any bias


yeah I was thinking more along these lines rather than because you’ve popped your prep cherry.

Also I was thinking you probably wouldn’t want to take part in another prep! Haha


Not for awhile. No way! :slight_smile:


Yes sir, you are correct, I was kidding…but…having said that…dibs on Stu! haha

Jokes aside…I’d be game for this. I mean, it’d have to line up with my life, of course. For example, if my company sold another casino and I had to work in Vegas for three months straight, I’m not sure I’d be able to do this…but who knows!


cool, man. Yeah I’m just seeing if there’d be enough members interested to make it worthwhile. I’m not planning on cutting 'til spring of next year anyway


You callin me out bro?! He said, between bites of a sandwich


Been wanting to do a full cut and prep and spring would probably be about the right timing.

gives me enough time to get fat so my before and after have more of an impact!


This would be fun I think. Kick it off Jan 1at and Set it’s as a June 1st contest so everyone is Summer Ready and has plenty of time

I would definitely be in. I don’t have nearly the time I did when I competed, so it would be interesting to figure out how to get results under new limitations


That is very true. Stu coached me AND the guy I was competing against who took first and won the overall. We all had great camaraderie and friendship, and as he said, “when I work with him I work with him, when I work with you I work with you.”


I’d definitely be down for this!


Yeehaw, good to see so many folk would be in.

Personally the 1st of Jan would be a bit soon for me, but I’ll go with whatever the general consensus is


Well its more the 1st of JUNE really, as that would be the “dumb bells down” date as it were. The 1st of Jan would just be the kick off. As long as you are ready to submit pics by the 1st of June you can start whenever you want.

For myself, I likely will not be in it to win it, but it will be a nice target date motivator to take things to the next level again.


You have eyes and are a fan of body building, thats all the qualifications you need I think.Heck, this wont even really be a body building show but a “who made the best transformation”

And REALLY its just a way for a couple of us to hyper-motivate ourselves for a few months and get into great shape. There wont be any losers really, just a bunch of people in the best shape of their lives I bet.


This is so freaking awesome, I hope a lot of people are into it. It would be a great chance to make progress and have an incredible support team. It could have its own thread and/or people could have their own “prep threads.”


I can see this being unfair on naturals…

I suggest that if you are on gear or trt (as we discovered in that other thread the two are the same) then you need to have this clearly stated and be marked down accordingly!


I’m definitely in! It might give me the motivation to do a physique show in the spring.

Although, I’ll be thoroughly derailed in April for a wedding in London and a bachelor party scotch tour.


Since I plan on doing my next show in june-july this will work perfectly…sounds good.