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Who Wants to Be A Superhero?


This is a SCIFI Original Series with Stan Lee, creator of Marvel. If you like comics, you'll enjoy this show.

The second episode is free to view at SCIFI's site,


On the bottom right, you'll see the link.

You guys will love what ends up happening to the admitted steroid user on the show.

For Justice and Honor!


Fat momma is a fucking superhero?

Not only have we lost faith in humanity... now we cant even count on superheros.


I've got a feeling she won't be there much longer. If they let her go too soon, some fucking group will stand up and scream racism, sexism, fatism, or a combination of the three. She's just there now for the public PC points and possibly a little comic relief.

Other than that, I really like this show. If you watch it from the very begining, you can tell who's going to be eliminated when they are on the chopping block by which one would not make for good TV ratings. Levity was boring, Nitro G looked like a pussy, Cell Phone Girl was annoying (plus they already have Lemuria [drool] and Monkey Woman, so the hot chick quota is filled). Now, even though Iron Enforcer was a dick and a pussy (check out his performance on the dog run), he's a big muscular guy, so he gets to stay on the show and be a super villain.

Personally, I'm pulling for Major Victory. He's got the schtick down and he handled the dog run like a champ, even saying while he's carrying both dogs, "I have no wish to harm you noble canines" or something like that.


LMAO @ the Iron Enforcer and Big Momma. Man when she eats that Twinkie at the end of her audition. Too much.

BTW the episode 2 vid doesn't seem to be working for me.


You need Flash 9 Player to see the video.


I'm just happy Stan Lee got a chance to see his creations become this mainstream before he dies. Everyone doesn't get that opportunity.


Yeah, I bet he's been dreaming about this show forever. More importantly, being the ringleader of a group of 'superheros' in the real world must really geek him out.


I agree, Major Victory is the man.

Unfortunately I believe that he, like many of the cast members, is a ringer. Check the page at IMDB ( http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0377288/ ) and you will see that most of the contestants on this 'reality show' are established actors with fairly extensive filmographys.

Major Victory's performance on the first challenge (the one with the little girl crying for her mommy) was way too good to be anything but scripted. The fact that he stopped to pose and right next to the girl before he even saw her was a dead giveaway.

All in all, it is an enjoyable little show, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is rigged.


If it's rigged, so what? It's a fun show. Hey, if Stan Lee is in charge, it's sure to be a fun story. Think of it that way.


Like I said, I still enjoy the show, but I consider it to be more of a scripted show than a reality show.

It kind of reminds me of the 'Joe Schmoe' show a couple of years ago on Spike TV, where they had a bunch of actors playing scripted roles and only one contestant (Joe Schmoe) who believed everything was real. The only difference I see between that show and 'Superhero' is that on 'Superhero' all of the contestants are actors and it is the audience who is not in on the gag.

Regardless, I loved the Joe Schmoe show, and I am also enjoying Who Wants to Be a Superher.


The newest superhero... coming to a nation near you soon. Who is it? I don't know...


I love this show so far too, but part of me thinks that there is a bit of a wink and a nod for the audience to intentionally be in on the gag to one extent or another. I think some of them are actors and others are not. Either way, Major Victory totally cracks me up. The guy just oozes cheddar.


Yeah, he's hilarious. He and Lemuria are winning in the votes on the SCIFI page.

I can't wait to see how Dark Enforcer is going to affect our superheros.


I thought that was a great twist to it. I mean, him wandering down the alley and then the TV coming on was obviously a set up, but I loved every second of it. I think its going to make the show a whole lot of fun. Every good super hero needs an arch nemesis!


Yeah! I'm glad someone else out there 'gets the show'.


I just caught up on this show tonight...

Hi-larious. You guys see Iron Enforcers audition? "I'm half human, half machine, half timebomb..."

"Always outnumbered, never outgunned..."

The Comicon set has to be loving this.

I'm pulling for Major Victory too, it's the hair I think.



Her tits are winning all my votes! Damn, that chick has one of the best racks I've ever seen!