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Who wants some NSYNC?

so what music does everyone like listening to while your training? you know, something in your headphones to drown out shakira and nsync from the gym radio. for me its gotta be something hard, like tool, rage, manson, or if i want rap, something like xzibit or ludacris.

Man, this has been on the form alot!

Depends what mood im in…sometimes its the ACDC and Guns n rose turned up loud…
But other times its OAR, ben folds, a little 3EB, and sublime

Anything that is intense will work. Heavy metal, or if I’m in the mood for rap, DMX. Some of my favorites: Megadeth, Youthanasia; Metallica, Black; Nirvana, Nevermind; Guns n Roses, Appetite for Destruction;

Britney Spears!!! ROTFLMFAO

How many times is this message gonna be on the forum?? All music is good. What the hell is wrong with shakira? I’d bang her into tomorrow. Most of the “newish metal” sucks ass. It’s like corny teenager angst music that in 5 years, they’ll say, I can’t believe I listened to that shit.

Guns N roses, metallica, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, U2, Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters. Good stuff!

i dont listen to headphones, they fuck your hears pretty bad, i’ve lost more hearing with them than i did playng 200 gigs with very powerfull sounds systems, but if i did i would listen to snoop doggy dog, black uhuru, maybe some house or trance music, dub,reagge, anything you can dance to…

Being a music lover I prefer music I do not like to much in the gym. Therefore what ever the gym happens to be playing is fine with me. If I hear stuff I really like I find myself listening to it rather than working out. That’s counter productive to me.

My old gym used to always play the hard stuff like old Metallica. In the new place they play their own mix which is almost unlistenable. So I drown in out with some Scandinavian black metal like In Flames, Cradle of Filth and so on. That stuff will make even the dead squat a ton!

As the Rock would say, It doesnt matter what music you listen to.

goldberg–actually i saw something on the rock and he listens to rap only when he lifts, his favorite being trick daddy.

Kurt Angle is a roody poo candy ass. The Rock doesnt want to hear about what music he likes. He will listen to whatever he wants. It doesnt matter what music you say the rock listens to. If ya smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelalalalallalala. What the rock, is cookin!

hey why do you guys not like listening to my band? when im on the eliptical or doing some nice resistance training on my bowflex, i prefer kenny g. diss me all you want but im banging britney.

Definately Tool…Actually anything hard and heavy. And for me it DOES matter what the gym is playing. When I hear the back door boys or whitney houston, (who is a beautiful singer,) it just sucks the testosterone right of me. I actually think I read in a way early issue of t-mag about guys at the gym singing to this crap while training. For me it’s a bit scary to see a 280lb guy come strolling by singing “AND IeeeeeeeeeeeI, will Alwaaaaaaayyyyysssss llllloooooovvvvvveeeee yyyyyyoooooouuuu!” (Sung in a high pitched Prince kind of voice.)

Usually Big Pun, Canibus, Kool G Rap, or Yngvwie Maalmstein. When I want to hear something hard and heavy, I bang my penis against the table.

I LIKE shakira. I listen to whatever I normally would listen to at home - something with some heart to it. With one exception - I wouldn’t sit at home and listen to Crystal Method, but I seem to like it when lifting.