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Who Wants Free Weight Plates??


I have (6) 45# olympic plates (2" hole) that I want to get rid of. (4) of them say STANDARD BARBELL and the other (2) are from Champ's Sports. All are black and have been repainted at one time or another but a couple of them could use another paint job, but heck, they are weights after all and don't have to be pretty.

I weighed all six of them and came up with these weights (using a dial bathroom scale).
2 - 47#
1 - 45#
2 - 44# (the CHAMPS brand)
1 - 42-43#

There is a slight variance in height amongst the non-Champ brand, but isn't much. The Champ brand are noticably shorter, but thicker.

These are all free, just come and pick them up or I will meet an interested party within about 20 miles of my house. I might even deliver them for free depending on what I am doing that day.

If you want them, they're yours but have to be claimed by Friday, 9-09-05 or they are going in the trash.

I live in Imperial MO, just outside of Arnold, MO which is a little south of St. Louis.

If interested, PM for my email or leave some contact info and I'll get ahold of you.


damn I wish I lived in MO


Awww, c'mon, free plates are an awesome opportunity, but not that awesome.


Meet me half way in Kansas City?

How about mail? Fed EX? UPS? Stripogram?

I am sure I would spend more on gas to get there and back then to buy new.




What a coincidence, I am moving to the KC area this weekend and that's why I want to get rid of the extras I have...

Where would you be coming from?


Mods - How about a whole section for this type of thing? It could include T-Cell info, too. T-Classifieds? Just an idea to balance out some of the political forum negativity...


Lincoln Nebraska.


Well, if no one else wants them and you want to drive the 3-4 hours from Lincoln, I'll save them and bring them to KC. I plan on being in St Joe from time to time as well so we could possibly meet there and save you an hour or so.


I wouldn't mind. I take trips down to KC every once in a while, and used to attend an event at St. Jo. Annually, so I am not opposed to driving down there, so if you can't unload them before your trip, sure, I'll take them.

I am in desperate need of an upgrade anyway.