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who wants a date hahahaha

that’s right, i’m bored and i want to go out. any takers? hahahaha, just kidding. but if you had to take a girl out, what is the best date in your opinion and the most fun?

Something during the daytime, because I’m usually stuck working nights (somebody’s gotta do it). There’s this Bug Zoo in town thatI’ve always wanted to go to & a glass blowing place & I don’t know what else.

If I were closer to you, I’d invite you to go out with me. Not neccessarily for a date, but just to hang out. Yesterday evening I felt the need to go out, somewhere stupid like a rave party because I did not do crazy things like that for more than 3 years, but in my life there is no girl that I’d like to go out with. right now. It seems that I am not interested in the girls that are interested in me. “The best date” has nothing to do with location, it has with people that are going out. I had the best times of my life when I had no plan at all and the worst time of my life with the most detailed plan imaginable to a human being. I think that a nice slow motorcycle ride to a cafe or pizza or dinner is a great start, but that is just me. Bionic, we’d have a great time discussing your depression. ;-))

Anyway, the older I am, the more I am bothered not by the things I have done, but but the things I DID NOT DO in the past.

I will try to do something about it in the future. My hapiness is my priority.

The venu is not that important. All I’m really concerned with is that my date isn’t needy.

I just like to go somewhere simple where you can talk and get to know each other (restaurant type/ bar & grill). Ya know somewhere you can get a real feel for the person to see if you’d click. Then maybe back to the house to watch some movies wink wink.


Define needy, Demo. I am curious to know what you mean by that. If you mean needs attention from you, who doesn’t? If you mean needs attention from you all the time, I could see how that could be difficult. But the term needy has many different perceptions, and I don’t believe is clearly defined. Please enlighten me. Thank you!

I think I might have had a spoonful of semi-somewhat good luck last night. This guy I’ve been talking to for a few months(he lives in Indiana) called me up and was almost begging me to come out there. Of course I couldn’t go because it is 2 hours from here, but I was so ready because he is smokin and not to mention really sweet to me too. Anyway the point of me tellin you this is because things that are spontaneous are usually the best, I would definitely agree on that. So Axy, where are we goin? :slight_smile:

Bionic, we could meet half way between your place and my place. The only problem is that it would probably be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. :wink:

that’s ok! i love to swim! where are you, seriously?

Bio, statistically and practically speaking I live in Croatia but sometimes I feel like I am not exactly from this planet. :wink:

My date is Rosey Palm and her five ugly sisters. She and her sisters know how to treat me right and they will never cheat on me so I am set. Hahahahahaha!

Well, at least one of you got my point.

thanks man, i’m glad i cleared things up. always there to clarify!

you are still missing Demo’s point aren’t you? LOL

Alright Bionic, just because I am nice, I will nail you. My wife might have a problem with that but hell what does she know anyway. There is a woman in need here, damn it!! I cannot leave you stranded…By the way, it’s your treat…I need to watch my money these days.

To anonymous, (with all due respect to Demo cuz he is a cool guy…) unless you can specify Demo’s point, then how the chunk do you know? Demo hasn’t even specified
Demo’s point, which I invite him to spell it out. Until you’re Demo, which you apparently aren’t, then you’re lacking some information here. Unless you know me directly, which you haven’t proven you do. No offense meant to you, Demo, I have nothing against you, in fact I am actually very interested in most of your posts. So if you wouldn’t mind being clear in what you meant, it won’t appear to be so vague to me. P.S. on a semi-personal side note, I’m leaving my personal business out of of this post, so if any replies to my posting get personal from any parties, I am going to simply ignore what is said.

Pat, that is awfully sweet, gosh, thanks. I’d treat ya, except the mention of your marriage has me quite uneasy. You got any unmarried friends? Young, single, out of school, hot, and sweet? your wife is probably lucky though. hahahaha. this whole date thing i was bored and wanted to post some3thing fun. i am so just playing, i am fresh out on the relationship scene, i’m playin my cards correctly until i get better at this. i thought i knew it all, i’m glad i don’t !!!

All right, but lets remember that you asked for this. My point was this: The tone of your post, and the tone of MOST of your posts, seems to indicate that you have self esteem issues, and require a LOT of attention. No offense, but the vibe I get is that unless you’re the center of attention, you aren’t happy. Believe it or not, the A-Number-One Must Have requirement, if you want a guys attention, is…(drumroll)…self confidence. If I show up on a first date and I sense that a woman is at all insecure, a second date is very unlikely. I’ve been with insecure women before; it’s a nightmare. Only slightly worse are insecure men, usually because I open my big mouth and call them out, a trait I inherited from my dad and brother. So, I choose to surround myself with those people whom I find to be self secure.

Picture this! We get into my '71 Pinto, pick up a sixer of Schlitz malt liquor, go to the dump and shoot seagulls.
Pure gold, Baby!