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Who Volunteers?


I was wondering how many members actively volunteer to either serve on boards of charities, or simply volunteer their time for a good cause. If so please list the organizations that you serve, or the amount of time spent each week volunteering to help others in some fashion.




Why do you ask?


I do, but it's pretty sporadic and mostly just to go on my EPR.

I'd like to do more, but I'm lazy/busy/don't care.


He wants to eventually derail his own thread so it speeds headlong into the PWI forums.



Charity starts at home.


That's some pretty detailed wondering there.

I volunteer about 25-30 hours a month with a variety of organizations.


LOL---That was actually pretty funny. You should spend more time in PWI.



Fair question, I serve on a few boards (hosp, redcross. sal army) and also do some pure volunteer work on weekends. Anyway some of the organizations that I donate my time to are having a very difficult time trying to find other volunteers. That usually means that those already involved have to pick up the slack.

I was wondering if this was something that was happening just in my area, or is prevalent across the board.

Do you volunteer?


Seriously though, I don't volunteer nor do I donate to most charities. Many of them are known to only pass on a small percentage of what they are given to the actual cause, a percentage that I consider too small. I think that a lot of them take advantage of peoples good nature.


I support single mothers. One dollar at a time.


Up until September, I was volunteering at a day center for people with developmental disabilities. The hours varied according to my work/school schedule, but was typically between 5-10hrs per week. Nothing too spectacular - mostly assisting with educating them on general hygiene-related duties/issues, goofing off with them during fitness activities, supervising movie time and preventing them from fooling around with each other when they thought no one was looking during the monthly dances.

I started there as part of a class project about two years ago, stuck around after as I thought it would look good should I apply to graduate programs, and wound up enjoying it.

Ended up leaving as I moved about an hour away and am working two jobs now. Since then, I do jack shit.



Don't forget those poor girls "working" their way through school - technically, you're contributing to their education fund as well. What a charitable guy you are!


Are you married? Do you have kids? If no to both then I applaud you sir and keep up the good work. If you do........then what is going on at home that you dont want to be there?


I usually get involved about twice a month, usually through the church. There are an abundance of service projects- from helping people move to the one time when our whole stake (basically a dozen local congregations or so) went to help clean up after Katrina. I think that's why I like going through the church is because I've been able to experience a lot of things through service that I wouldn't have had the chance to in any other way.

BYU also has tons of service opportunities on campus- there's a whole office where people can just come in and volunteer on whatever service project is happening. I knit 105 baby caps and blankets a few years back, just by spending a half hour or so in there every day for a couple weeks.


I sit on a few boards. Mainly for networking, but enough to know that most of the money you donate is wasted on a circle jerk of inefficiency, ass-kissing and incompetence. But I do get a lot of referrals and meet a lot of "powerful" and "interesting" people LOL. This has put me on the radar of some pretty cool people, but also a lot of bleeding liberals who want my money for <> and are aggressive little fucks that bother the shit out of me. So I nail the hot ones - DC is FULL of non-profits that hire chicks who are hot and are willing to work for pennies. It's kinda funny the way I pull it off - the more I tell them "no" the quicker they take off their panties! LOL. (yes, I know I'm a bastard)

The way I choose give back is by spending time in my old neighborhood. My Aunt who lives there in one of my houses is a SAINT. She was more of a mother to me than my biological one. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the neighborhood and calls me if I need to get someone's ass back in line (or bail someone out). I hang out with some of the kids and try to show them that there is a way out. Or scare them with stories from prison. Or both. I've helped a few of them with money for community college for a semester before they learn about grants and loans and what not. It's both very rewarding and depressing at the same time.


I volunteer at the local juvi and jail for a total of about 10 hours a month in each.


Married, but no kids yet. My wife also works with one of the same volunteer groups so we're able to spend time together, while doing some work in the community so it's a good deal. Once the kids come the amount of time I have to volunteer will definitely change, so I'm doing what I can now.


Take my word for it, KIDS will be your life. Our youngest is a fresman in HS, when she gets done I see my wife and I doing some volunteer work. Not money but our actual time. I think its good for people to give back to there community, but raising your kids right and being involved in there life is the best thing you can do for your community.


So then you donate directly to the needy with no middleman?


LOL-- The boards meet only once per month so that's not that huge of a time commitment. And I am married and my wife serves with me over half the time. We take on various charitable projects together. I've also roped my brother in law into helping out as well. Honestly broken down per hour it is not a huge time commitment and lots of really great things get done when everyone pitches in.