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Who Uses MATLAB?


Who loves it and what do you use it for?

I love it, and aside from some finite-element or optimization code I mainly use it for writing Fluent batch files and post-processing the simulation data.


I use it mainly as a programming interface for GPIB communication with various lab equipment. I've done some fitting of experimental data although nothing too complicated, least-squares mainly.


Do you love it?

What is GPIB?


I use Matlab mainly for whatever signal processing stuff I have to do. My grad work is on radar imaging/SAR, where we take a huge dataset of radar returns and process them to form an image of a reflectivity function. I attached an image.

I also got this TI 'hackable' watch with a bunch of sensors in it, including an accelerometer that has an RF link to USB that plugs into the computer. Matlab can interface pretty easily with the USB port and I now have the accelerometer data. Right now, I'm working on getting position/velocity/acceleration tracking from just the acceleration data, by strapping the watch to a barbell.


GPIB is a cable standard created by Hewlett Packard for communication between equipment. It's still the primary method used in most measurement devices in research although it's being replaced by USB due to the slow transfer speed. Since each company has their own set of commands needed to control the equipment, we write scripts in Matlab as the front end and operate the equipment as a virtual object.

I wouldn't say I love Matlab but I definitely like it for how powerful it is without being extremely complicated or hard to use.


The closest i've come is max 3d but i have made .obj files for use by others, my dad is an engineer so every so often i get to see it's top gears in action and it is pretty impressive


Better than that Tendo unit for tracking bar speed... no wire and more compact. I might have to get one of these watches.

Wow just got hit by a lot of ideas, thanks.



They have a bunch of projects and the watch comes built to interface with a heart rate monitor, so it can double as a normal sports watch. Its only $50, too.

I've seen one paper where they use the HRM to measure REM sleep from heart rate with good accuracy, which is another useful project to gauge useful sleep.


Jeebus H. Christ. I'm taking (skipping out of) my second course of Matlab programming that I have to take for my engineering major. It's only infuriating because everyday it's like, "Okay class, now let's write functions!" (This, of course, is coming from someone with 2+ years of programming experience... so I do have some reason to ride my short pony).


In any case, I've only used it for very basic things, but I like it a lot. I've only scratched the surface of what it can do, but I can see it doing very cool stuff.


Understatement of the year right there.

I took a few numerical methods courses that left me seriously impressed with MATLAB. The indexing and vectorizing capabilities are delightful:


We also wrote a multigrid solver that used recursive functions to solve Ax=b when A was big and symmetric (like you would find in a finite-element discretization). How does that go? To iterate is human, to recurse, divine.


Grett do you go to Dartmouth?


i use it to squat heavy


Negative, I just live in NH. I go to WPI.