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Who Uses Malto and Dextrose?


I use both maltodextrin and dextrose in my pre and post workout drink. I was wondering what is the recommended amount of each to use.

I have read 55g carbs and 20g protein but I use 100g of carbs and 40g protein. Is this ok?


I use both as well all wrapped up nice and neat with Hydro. Whey and DAMN fine taste if I do say so


Read the "Solving the Post Work Out Puzzle I and II" they will answer your questions.


Depends on how long you drink it over and what your body needs.

I use both dextrose and malto in my protein, and I drink during my workout. In total, I have about 70 grams of protein and 70 grams of carbs, and I drink it over a period of an hour to 75 minutes. But, this is my first meal of the day after I wake at 5am, so you may need to adjust for yourself.


Read Berardi's 'Solving the Post Workout Puzzle' articles.

This is currently what I use..

.8g x LBM (lean body mass) of Carbs (Maltodextin/Dextrose powder)
.4g x LBM of Protein powder

I mix this into a litre of water and take this mixture pre (3/4hr before W/O), during and post (3/4hr after W/O).


i readthe mentioned article - whats your simple (glucose)and complex (malto)carb mix like? - in terms of ratio??(or glucose and glucose polymers as Berardi puts it)


Kia ora Supermick,

Not too sure of the exact ratio's as I have been using a supplement called Horleys Carbo Energy. This contains both maltodextrin and dextrose in what looks like a 2/1 mix.
I've never really thought too deeply about the exact ratios. Horleys is a local company so I might give them a call later and find out exactly.

Thanks mate.


Like Phil said, use Surge, and forget about it. Way too convenient and very good.


ive never tried the product YET, but there doesnt seem to be much in terms of glucose polymers in there - most the carbs is simple (45g out of a total of 49g per serving) -
is this optimal?
or have i read it wrong?


It lists d-Glucose as the first ingredient, then maltodextrose. Plus is has hydrolysed whey for its protein. I've been using it for a few months and I really like it.


d-glucose is still the same as dextrose - which is still glucose, which is still a simple sugar.
Im in the UK so Surge is pricey for me, otherwise i'd be all over it as all the searches ive pulled most products are not as optimum as Surge. Some weight gainers have good ratio's though. Most dont have the right protein or too many simple carbs. Im so fussy. lol.


Oh, too pricy. Got ya. I can understand that. And when it comes to nutrition, it's ok to be fussy. Keep looking.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought glucose was a monosaccharide and dextrose was a disaccharide.


yeah your right but essentially all the simple carbs with the exception of fructose pass into us at a similar rate - at least thats my understanding. Malto is a complex CHO and as i look at the ingrediaents their doesnt seem to be a lot in it.

Not to worry though.


according to this you're wrong



I think you might be a little confused. The pre/post workout period is when you want the simple, fast digesting carbs, such as the d-glucose in Surge.

Malto is good, but I like dextrose/glucose better for workout drinks.


not confused, this is in relation to Berardi's post workout puzzle article and we're debating the complex carbs in Surge (In the form of malto) Please read all posts above.


Alright, I stand corrected. But was right about glucose. I knew that was a mono.


Ditto. Surge is the way to go! Tastes GREAT too.


Yeah, I got that.

In the article he says the best sources are glucose and glucose polymers, correct?

I imagine the reason Surge is made up primarily with d-glucose is because it's simply faster digesting than the glucose polymers.

I don't think one neccessarily needs an equal combo of the two.

I mean, Berardi did have his hand in formulating Surge. . .

(My apologies if I'm the confused bastard this morning.)


No worries at all man. Its afternoon here so im a bit more awake (at least most of the time)...
If i CAN get Surge here then ill see what sort of price it is - if not then maybe a mass bulk order of here may be called for.


I have just read Berardi solving postworkot puzzle , he said that we shold drink another shake 30-60min. after postworkout shake and that shake should be the same as first postworkout shake , my question is can I use dextrose in this second shake(ofcourse with hydolisate whey)?