Who Uses IGF and Other Peptides?

Who here uses igf and any other peptides?

Any success with them?

I am just now starting pct and was thinking of throwing in some igf for sure, but was wondering about any other peptides or even sarms that may be beneficial.

i was gunna use some DES but a guy on a site im a member of posted a thread about an ultrasound showing something literally growing in his stomach. He attributed it to the peptides…the weirdest part is a rep for a peptide company (also a mod on the site) deleted his thread almost instantly… pretty fishy. real IGF would cost about 5-10x what companies sell em for, which makes me wonder what they are actually selling

we really don’t understand what they are capable of that this point so i really wouldnt fuck with them.

slin during a cruise is pretty sick.

There are plenty of HPLC tests of peptides. There is real IGF-1 out there, but it is sometimes underdosed by 10-15%.

I’ve been using HGH, & low dose T a few weeks I like it so far. I noticed a diff when starting the HGH. Still kind of playing with it at this point.

IGF is pretty pricy right whats the reason for wanting to use that for PCT?

I used 50mcg IGF-1 a day during PCT along with GHRP 6 and CJC 1293 at 300mcg 3X a day and 100mcg melonatan E3D

pros I noted:

they helped maintain strength gains from cycle

Increased appetite

Excellent quality of sleep

I experienced little to no post cycle blues and always generally felt a bit clearer mentally

Melantotan helped erection quality and frequency


My bank account took a beating

It is a ton of injecting sometimes 5 pins a day

Storing and transporting doses is a pain in the arse

As walkway mentioned IGF-1 can have pretty serious negative affects on your health.

If you got the money, time/privacy to inject, and are willing to roll the dice IMO they are a good addition to PCT and or cycle

as it turns out, the guy had a massive hepatic adenoma… from god knows what, though he’s confident aas played a factor… this is why we get ultrasounds 2x a year AT LEAST (because blood tests WILL NOT show everything)

anyways, insulin is your best bet during pct… dirt cheap, very effective, and very easy to use safely

and legal. u can go to walmart and say “give me humalin r”, and they have to… and they cant ask questions… it’s like 25 bucks for a year’s supply and u know EXACTLY what you’re getting

I nearly always run IGF-1 along with my pct to keep my gains. Too much injections and very expensive. I used it once in a cycle because didn’t want to use insulin and HGH together but a year later I did and the results where awesome. But I suggest IGF-1 for pct not a cycle

I have been using the HGH frag for the past year. 1.5 IU’s 4X/week, post training. I train BJJ/Grappling and lift heavy as well but the small dose of the frag is only really intended for general health purposes. It seems O.K., certainly nothing consequencial I have noticed. I am considering doubling the dosage for the Hell of it and researching Insulin, mainly in part to the above comment.