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Who Uses Captains of Crush/Other Grippers?


Which ones do you have and use regularly? How do you train regularly or irregularly?


I prefer the Bullworker.


I have the Trainer, no.1 and no.2

Why are all of these threads in the BB section? You will not see hypertrophy from grippers or bullworkers or box jumps, which means all of your threads are completely irrelevant for the purpose of this board.

Appreciate it is for LOLs, but leave them wanting more dude, no need for a new troll thread every 30 minutes.


bolo have you used iron balls or shot puts if so do you think you get much out of them.
I only gained a rep this week on my 1.5 COC . I went from 11 reps to 12 reps. I need either a no.2 COC or the slighly easier Baraban. I still can't close to my HG 250 though, which is meant to be easier than a no.2 .
It's a lot harder. I wish kept my no.2 I was all set to give up the grippers when someone told me to give it another a go. I am glad I did. I feel stronger this time and more reasoned rather than just trying to close it I want a working gripper.

What's the best place to post this thread( a section). It's not intended as a joke thread. I just got carried away when someone insulted my grammar.

I am not sure getting much more out of the baoding balls now. I suppose it is the same with everything , a big initial improvement which levels off.


Possibly in the strongman forum, but to be honest there are far more appropriate sites for most of these questions, which I won't post up but are easy to find.

What are iron balls and shot putts for? Do you mean throwing the shot?


I've used them and I'm able to close the 2 like 10 times
Honestly it doesn't build much forearm muscle at all and I wouldn't recommend it for that
Actually the big benefit Ive seen is feeling firmer on heavy presses and bicep curls/extensions squeezing harder
If you want big forearms heavy holds for times like Just holding a barbell weight for a minute
And curls of all kinds
Espcially reverse curls and pinwheels


Texas man what size balls do you use? I find it difficult to put the baoding balls down. I can use the heavier boules balls (650+ g ) for a few minutes and the ligher ones for a whole film. The warm my hands nicely for grippers.

Do you think it has had carryover to the grippers? I know Brookfield does. I have noticed a bit. But I am not getting massively stronger now. So perhaps I need to use heavier balls.

I am know my grip is a lot better , so I expect to close the 2 fairly easily this time. I have closed it before but with a lot of effort and not very often.

I want to get lighter shot puts but they are very expensive.

It's not really a priority to have bigger arms but I would like big forearms cause I think look cool.
But not the puffy forearms , the forearm look of a good metal bender or old steel worker.


Oh I think we misunderstood eachother
I've never used the balls before just the grippers
If you want big forearms in all honesty unless you become a metal worker your arms are going to need to get bigger
And unless your high in body fat you won't have puffy forearms
Do the grippers timed heavy holds and pinwheel and reverse curls to grow forearms


Wait, so grippers don't produce hypertrophy or stimulate the development from other forearm exercises?


Of course they do, you would just have to do a lot of it. What do you think happends when you squeese a gripper hard.
It's just difficult to get enough volume in to do that, so you don't won't it to detract from other exercises.

Just look at the skinny forerarms of the people that close COC. no.3.

A stronger will allow to use more weight too.

Time under tensions to break down your muscle tissue.


Not in my experience
But that's just my experience


I know, right?