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Who Uses Ammonia Caps?


Thinking about getting some, how many people on here use em?



I did when I was going for heavy PL style squats. Shit can make you go batshit crazy.

Next, I want to try PCP before a deadlift. Hopefully without getting naked and going on a violent rampage, but if it adds a hundred pounds it'd still be worth it.


Try a half capsul first, just to see your reaction to it.


I just drink true blood


i think they suck. if the smell of piss "psyches you up" go for it. it did nothing for me.


Is Jenkem your tool of choice?


what's Jenkem?


I use em for PR lifts. They work great. I yank one up my nose as hard as I can and roar like a fucking elephant for a few seconds, then I have to be led to the barbell by my lift partner since my eyes are so watery I can't see shit, but they work.

Try this little trick of mine. Put an ice pack on your chest right over your heart for a couple of minutes to illicit a panic reaction that causes the heart rate to spike. Then take a smelling salt to your face and try a lift. I deadlifted 440 like this and I haven't been able to hit anything more than 420 since then unless I use the ice pack and salts.


It's a noxious gas that results from fermenting feces.


fucking gnarlz


How exactly do you use half a capsule?


Jenkem- this generation's banana peels.


real men sniff ammonia.


Tricking your body into thinking it's dying for the win.

Isn't that a Polquin technique? I could have sworn I read it in one of his articles, or maybe it was Thib...



arent people like putting feces into bags and huffing it to get high?

lmfao what is wrong with people


I'm pretty sure I read this years back from Thib...


Do ammonia caps work before sporting events such as hockey ect..?


they're just supposed to open up your breathing pathways/sinuses. and it will only last a few moments.

some people get a brieft but intense boost out of them. so maybe if you were just coming off the bench onto the ice or something but other than that i can't see any real benefits.


get them at a store like cvs as they are used to revive people who have passed out as well so they are cheaper there than ordering specially from a lifting site, no hate towards efs love the shit on there but sometimes very over priced and with shipping on tiny shit like unless they have free shipping


Hit some as your waking up, shit hits the back of your head hard...cause I'm cool like that.