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Who Trims Off Fat Before Cooking?

now that its grillin season, I’m grilln bout every night. makde pork loins tonight. love cookn on my infrared grill. sears in every juice and never a drop lost in cooking… EVER!!! curious how meat would taste if the fat was removed prior grilln…?

Obvioiusly it wouldn’t be as good. Just like grilling meat on the bone, it usually seems to add a little extra flavor.


Love my new infrared.

Depends on what’s cookin’. On steaks trim a little of the excess fat off the edge to prevent flare-ups.

Low and slow BBQ (pork butt) trim hard fat and let the remaining fat help keep the meat moist.


Cut the fat off after cooking. Any good chef will tell you this.
The meat needs the fat so it doesn’t dry out and become tasteless.