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Who Thinks COD4 is the Best Game Ever!


Dude i smurfin love that game!! snipin someone as they sprint across the map, better yet bringing a knife to a gun fight and shankin the shit out of the guy. I got my golden M60 and shotgun. I thought about goin prestige but im havin too much fun with the options. level 55 Commander is my rank. I know some of the glitches in backlot and pipeline.


Glitching is for idiot children and degenerates.


It's okay, offline was pretty lamesauce. Nothing I haven't seen before.

Online, is honestly the same shit as most FPS games. Over rated in my opinion, though can be the source of some good entertainment.


never played it but I liked counter strike.


UT99 > *


Well what would you recommend?


Agreed. The single-player felt too linear. Linearity doesn't bother me when it feels like I have some choice in how I proceed. That's why I wholly enjoyed Halo's SP; there were options.

The multi-player owes its longevity to the experience point system and the ability(or necessity) to obtain better weapons. It's a solid MP mode, but it's not really stand-outish without the leveling-up.


I thought about tryin that out. you got it on ps3?


My Penis is the greatest game ever!



nah I can't play FPSs on console, prefer mouse and keyboard.


Counter Strike is where its it.


world at war is a better game

modern warfare = abuse canister nades... I used to manage a professional e-sports league and thats how all the teams won their shit, by nade launchers..


i do hate newbynades. ive played world at war but im just sick of the wwII platform. Has anyone heard or seen anything about Modern warfare II?

Im gonna have to check out counter strike. how is it online?


I think COD4 is probably the best online FPS out there. It's a lot of fun, i'm on my 6th? prestige.
Hangerbaby, there's a rifle grenade launcher on World at War too, is there not? plus a lot of gaming competitions ban a few skills such as 3x frag and noob tubing.

Plus the tanks in WaW are really lame and dogs just piss me off.

I'm on 360, gamertag blaze xssm i play 4 and occasionally WaW, send me an invite.

Boogeyman, Modern Warfare comes out Nov. 10 of this year.


There is a nade launcher in WaW, but it does not kill as easily. The grenade itself is not that powerful, unless it is within 2 feet of you.

Also, it is a much slower projectile. It gets carried by the "wind" sometimes, so its not always accurate. It is best used for large groups of oncoming enemy soldiers


COD4 is a great FPS....especially if you're tired of overrused and lame WWI/WWII themes,etc. I can't think of a better modern military-themed FPS. Its a fun game,you can't deny that....greatest? Of course not...but it's worth every penny.

Hopefully Modern Warfare 2 will exceed the shortcomings of the original.
(Call Of Duty?)Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal promo:



i think Modern Warfare > World At War

artillery takes way too friggin long

dogs are a pain in the ass

WWII games are played out, i mean how many different spins can you put on the same story?

Modern Warfare has the P-90


.50 Cal,son.


Thank gosh... i was beginning to think i was the only one who liked that game.


I actually like the m40 starting rifle better than the .50 cal. Though it is kinda cool crushing anything in one shot.