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Who the **** is Justin Bieber?


Best. Footage. Ever.


I knew there was a reason I liked Nick Stokes.


Only thing I don't understand is why they took his pulse after shooting him that many times in the chest...lol.


^ always gotta check lol


Why do we hate this kid again? You guys jelly he's getting more poon and dolla bill than you all combined?


If you're complaining about manufactored crap, you need to get a life dude. Seriously, just troll instead



I always hate on chicks that get more pussy then me!

Seriously though the kids is just a fad. He sings for little girls no different then half the other crap today. He'll fade in a few years. The only thing that drives me crazy about the kid is he says "like" every other word just like most kids today...makes me like want to like punch him like right in his like face.


Ooooo hahahah you guys are soooooo alpha bro.


possibly, but youre forgetting people said the same thing about Justin timberlake when he was in N'SYNC, yeah that really worked out.. also i beleive people used to say the same thing about Micheal Jackson when he was a teen and still in Jackson 5, ppl get jelly that teens have mor money and poon that the top 1% of the US male population, honestly I would'nt mind being in that kids shoes, unimagined amounts of girls and money for a bunch of old men making fun of your looks/sexuality. I doubt he cares, just saying


And don't you forget it!