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Who the Hell Is This Chick?


I 'm not much into bony assed bodybuilder chick but the chick featured on > 02.10.05 has F'incredible legs. Plats on his best day couldn't touch this chick. Anytime this chick needed a shave I'd damn sure do it.

Please identify this leg goddess? Jesus Christ those are so damn fine legs!!!


That's Tom Platz


That IMHO is disgusting.

A girl that works out perfectly fine but thats just pushing it.

Just my opinion, not intending to offend anyone.


OMG! Maybe I should shave my legs and put on a pair of heels and take a picture for you. I think you'd find them similarly attractive. Oh, well-to each his own. I've participated in these threads up to this point, but I don't think I will anymore. There's really no point. They do show how very wide a range of tastes there is.


Thats, Hector!


I think he's being sarcastic. To love those legs is to be gay. If not... then each to his own.


I believe that is bench press champ Scott Mendelson!


I don't know. You would think so. But I think there's men, some on this site, who don't think they're gay but find that attractive. (Ok, I'm done...I think)


almost there...almost beautiful enough.


I think she has an eight inch clit.


Sexually attractive legs are somewhat of an androgenous thing, relatively speaking. That being said there is NO mistaking those fine fem gams for anything slightly male. How anyone could find (looks like alot here) some bony assed chick w/ no calves, no quads, no butt, no hams is beyond me???

That chick can no doubt squat/sldl more than any homophobe posting a response in this thread. And weigh 65lbs less while doin it. What I wouldn't give to do some serious high reppers w/ her.


To add to the legion of Homophobe posters I add a chick named Becca Swanson who besides bench 405 completely RAW for 10 reps could no doubt kick the shit out of just about anyone on this entire board.


hit her i would not.


And the above ^ pic despite being disgusting is attractive? Get a life is the right place for this....


Cut off the hair in the picture, take the dress off (don't know why anyone would want to do that) and you have what would look just like a man; maybe without balls (maybe).

There's no denying that she/he has a tremendous work ethic in the gym and with his/her nutrition, knows his/her shit, and works hard, but attractive to me; she/he is not.


I guess this is the first time I agree with you on these boards...


No man is gonna have a feminine shape like that, the calves especially. U must not have much experience shaving women's legs (they LUV it trust me). I'd much rather date a chick w/ as U put "work ethic" as she does than some bony, weak, little girl. Work ethic seems to be a popular phrase these days espoused by supposed men who are built like shit and couldn't knock reps w/ 3x they're bodyweight to save they're pointless lives. Usually these guys are driven by jealousy becuz they're physically repulsive and don't have the $$ or the kohonas to do a damn thing about it.




^ Here's some nice legs for the chickenlegged homophobes. If U got better/stronger legs then put up or SHUT UP! yea....that's what I though....


Maybe she'll let you shave her facial hair as well.