Who the F**K is B.o.B.?

There was a period of about 5 years where I pretty much hated the fact that there was nothing I considered unique in music. It was as if the talent for being creative had been sucked out of the music industry in favor of ring tones and the lyrical depth of “drop it like it’s hot”. Groups like OutKast were one of the few groups not afraid to take risks in music.

I got B.O.B.'s last album on a whim and I am impressed.

Is “music” returning to hip-hop/pop music?

Or am I alone in thinking this?

Wow, I have Outkast CDs. They are really good.

I should’ve mentioned that in the other thread where I posted Kool Moe Dee.

Should I admit I like Flo Rida or is he OK to like?

I’m with you. As much as I hate the radio B.O.B. is ill. Actual “artists” will return to hip hop…every other genre too.

Rock music had Hair Bands…Hip Hop has “Swag Fags”, its a cycle I guess. I’m positive Ohio will make a jump into the Hip Hop scene soon…Cleveland is overflowing with ridiculous art…Cudi,Twisted Mindz,Cannon…I’d say the push for this current trash is being felt by coporate heads and they cant settle for putting D4L type shit out because most people will go to the local cats being real…or vibe with old school dre or scarface…whatever

Curently, my favoriteartist is Kenna (not hip hop but he is so abstract that ya cant help but vibe with his mood music). Also, the Black Eyed Peas have been consitently progressive through the garbage music. They just go to another level with creativity…ever since the first lp from way back in the day.

I like B.o.B. He’s got a unique style and he sings as well as raps. My favorite song of his so far is “I’ll Be in the Sky”.

Bobby Ray Simmons is loved in the Atlanta area, and has produced some pretty epic tracks (Could 9). It’s great to see him blowing up on a national level, doing some very well constructed duets, and giving us some music that is actually worth listening to.

I rarely buy CDs anymore, and only do it as a show of support, because all of the tracks can easily be snagged online. I bought his, and am glad to say that it has and will be a staple in my cars CD player.

Here’s a link for the song Cloud 9 which was produced in 2006 and pretty much locked him in as a budding star:

Saw the thread title and my first thought was you were talking about the Born On Board NPCs from the Marathon series.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Is “music” returning to hip-hop/pop music?[/quote]

I really hope so, cause I am tired of all this whiny, poppy garbage they play on the radio nowadays.

[quote]TheJonty wrote:
Saw the thread title and my first thought was you were talking about the Born On Board NPCs from the Marathon series.[/quote]

Battery operated boyfriend, here.

My sister turned me on to this one, I know it’s not ACTUALLY B.O.B., but…

music is always evolving, back in 2000 no one even knew what autotune or a vocador was, now you cant listen to a song without it, so the counter-effect to that is someone that is going to try to break the mold of the current trends and actually produce a well planned out and creative album, because everyone else is doing poppy rap beats and putting drake or t-pain on everything.

the only rapper ive heard lately that ive taken a liking to is Kid Cudi. Other than that im listening to the Blackroc mixtape or the clipse’s ‘we got it for cheap’ volumes 1-3.

This guy just shocked me a little like K’naan did when I first heard him. The song Don’t Let me Fall must have been played about 20 time last night while I trained.

I am glad to hear REAL PIANO music in a song today.

I haven’t heard this guy so I can’t comment on him specifically, but music [like everything else] is cyclical. Pretty sure everything’s on a generational cycle. The last time commercial music was worth a shit was the mid 90’s. We’re damn near 15 years away from that, so talent should be making it’s way back into public consciousness here soon. Not to say that there haven’t been some decent or better artisits since then, they’re just way few and far between. The day people universally realize lil’ Wayne fucking sucks will be a great day in music history.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
The day people universally realize lil’ Wayne fucking sucks will be a great day in music history.[/quote]
unless he’s remixed by a-trak. then it’s pretty sweet.

You can thank me later

[quote]detazathoth wrote:

You can thank me later[/quote]

Haha, I almost posted this-

Guys like Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, YelaWolf, etc… show that hip-hop’s heading in the right direction.

Charles Hamilton is nasty, too.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Charles Hamilton is nasty, too.[/quote]

Hadn’t heard of him. I’ll check him out.

How guys who bash Kanye West and Lil Wayne as commercial crap can come out and call Kid Cudi a talented artist and someone who might help save hip hop is beyond me… aside from a good ear for beats and being able to sing a hook there’s not much to Cudi- flow, lyrics, concept, songwriting, he’s got nothing those two don’t do better. Hipster-rap is all it is. If he were platinum selling the same people would probably say he was crap.

Regarding B.o.B… he’s not a great rapper but he’s definitely not a bad rapper. When he hits, he can make really great “hip-pop” songs that are accessible without sounding contrived. When he misses, well, there’s that song on the album with Rivers Cuomo [from Weezer]. “Who the Fuck is B.o.B.?” is the name of one of his mixtapes too, I think.

Is this song on his new album??