Who Still Benefits From an AI?

I know there’s lot’s of guys opposed to taking an AI and I understand the many reasons why.

But are there still trt users that are benefiting from an AI on this forum? Or did they go extinct…

I’ve tried going without and have for several months but felt better when I was using a conservative dose of aromasin. Currently my energy is down, head is in a fog, my feet and ankles swell by the end of the day, and my well being isn’t what it used to be. I’ve been waiting for my body to find a balance but I don’t see it happening and I’m contemplating resuming my AI.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Just curious, what’s your T dose, schedule, etc.?

I’m currently injecting 17mg of Test C per day. I was doing 20mg per day but reduced it after 8 weeks to try and find some symptom relief. No AI or HCG.

I’d like to know what your SHBG and E2 are on that protocol.

Labs would be helpful. Swelling at the end of the day is not particularly an E2 symptom, constant swelling/water retention would be. Being on daily for what is obviously more than 8 weeks, your daily injection of test C would be replacing what you are losing through half life attrition so it shouldn’t be causing any particular swings in level.
Lowering dose did not help, did you try a higher dose? Maybe 22 or 23 mg a day? In the end, it’s what works for you, and if that works for you and the sides aren’t making life difficult, then you should do what works for you. If you do go back on low dose aromasin, you should periodically drop it to see if it still makes a difference, sometimes it’s just a matter of having enough time for your body to adjust and things balance out.


This is good advice.

There are guys on TRT using an aromatase inhibitor and doing very well. Go without it if you can, use it if you must.

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I take 50mg Test E 2x per week and take 0.05mg of Adex twice per week, this keeps me at the top of T range and E2 around 28.
I feel pretty good.

Oh I over respond to everything hence the low dosage.

Thanks for the post. I’m guessing there’s more who are still doing ok with an AI in their protocol.