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Who Started Out as a Fat Ass?


I started out at 5'9", 230 lbs of almost pure blubber. I had some strength due to the work I did back then, but nothing impressive for my size.

I got sick of it and dropped down to 180 lbs pretty rapidly. I didn't know about T-Nation and had no idea about training, so muscle gain was minimal. I'd just as soon go swimming as train with weights in those days.

I've seen some pictures here of people who have started out skinny and built themselves up to an impressive physique, but are there anyone who started out as a 260 lbs fat ass and is now 230 lbs of lean muscle?

Did you find you had to get down to a very lean condition before starting your first bulk, a thing that is often recommended on this site?






I started out as a fat boy - did not touch a weight until after HS - I dropped from 230+ lbs of fat & flabby untoned muscle to 167 lbs. in first year university killing msyelf on daily cardio - then got up to 190lb (at a height of 5'8) where felt my strongest & looked my best.

It took months of hard cardio on the treadmill, all sorts of cardio + diet along with circuit training on consecutive days, IMO - since I was single back then & had so much free time

Man I wish I took some pics for inspiration & discipline...

Now I'm back to around 230 or so & trying to get back down to 190 or less - lighter will be healthier in the long run IMO for my frame

To each their own I guess; but for me no need to bulk back ever, just try to get lean (again).


I was 5'9" at 212 5 years ago, went on a diet and got down to 157.

Now I'm back up to 185, a lot of that muscle.


I was fat, got almost down to lean, got fat again, then I got strong, then I lost weight, that made me weak, so I gained weight to get my strength back, kept steady for a while, and now I'm trying to lose again.

8th grade I was about 6', 300. Startled wrestling in 9th grade, dropped to 235. Started lifting hard after the season. By the end of my senior year I was 6'3", 290, fairly lean. Had the top 4 abs showing.

Then college.................

Graduated at about 340, all the additional was definitely fat. I got very serious about powerlifting and only cared about strength, by 2006 I topped out at around 427.

Wound up with diabetes, dropped down to 345. I was weak as a kitten, worked back up to 360 and was ok. Still a bit weak, so I worked up to 380 and got my full strength back.

Stable at 380 for about 2 years now, but the last 6 months I've gained a bit. Depending on when I weigh myself and how my diet has been, I've been seeing 385-392 on the scale.

Now I'm out of powerlifting, so I'm trying to work back down. I want to get to 330 and keep my lbm. Its just a long way to go!


Yep, I was 235, 6'0" senior year in high school, but trimmed down after that. I even got down to 180 or so when I was big into cycling. Up to 199 now, trying to gain some serious muscle before I have this RC surgery, so that I don't lose everything during recovery.


Me too. But at 230 lbs 87% body fat, taking pictures of myself naked wasn't my idea of a good time.


I was specifically looking for people who has done some serious long time bulking, after starting out fat and gotten in decent shape. Is there any truth to the notion that "FFB's" put on fat easier than others, and thus has to bulk "clean" and for shorter periods of time?

I think not, actually. I didn't get fat because of my genes, I got fat because I can out eat Dave Tate.


Personally, I think FFB's tend to put on fat faster because they tend to go back to the old way of eating very easily.

I know its easy for me to cheat, and cheating becomes a habit all over again. Its a constant struggle for me.


Three years ago I was 298. No muscle tone, no exercise, nothing. Got down to 180 through calorie restriction and cardio and then decided I looked like absolute shit.

I started lifting about a year or year and a half ago and have made some gains but I was eating like crap and figuring things out on my own.

I started bloggin abotu it here: http://fatass2fitass.wordpress.com

There is one old fat picture up there in the first post. I need to post my latest picture up there but I'm at about 190 right now and just finally figure out how to fucking eat right.


I started out as a fat kid (pyramid shaped upper body) became a 'block' adult, got blockier through the years, and have been that way since.

I'm hoping to get the 'Upside-down' pyramid upper body this year.


Kudos to ALL the guys losing flab here. More power to ya!


I need to keep a pretty tight rain on cheat meals. I use the Precision Nutrition 10 habits for this. So no more than 4 "cheat" meals a week, usually. If I have a few beers one night, that counts for all my cheats that week. I find I can cheat as long as it is planned. If I start eating randomly, I soon fall back into old habits.


What are you, a two foot midget?


5'10 244 pounds of pure fat...


I started out as a freshman in high school, 5'10, 200 lbs, almost all fat.

Im still a little chubby, but nowhere near fat, right now im 6'2, 230.


I was 5' 8" @ 140 lbs the start of my junior year of high school, by the summer of my 2nd year of college I was 210 lbs.

I got down to 157 and am now sittin at 165lbs (put on 13 on a bulk phase from Sept-Dec last year) and am leanin up a little bit right now before I get back on another bulk. It is amazing to think that just a short time ago I was over 200lbs(the BAD way)


Still a fat ass here (nearly 300) but improving.


I doubt many here "started" out fat. More like you didn't do anything and ate like shit. Just a hunch :smiley:

kudos though on improvement.


still fatass FATASS but improving also and going strong without any thoughts of failure.Its a new level of determination I think, its like quitting isnt even an option and it will never be.