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Who Started Functional Training?!


I hate it when I hear someone say a 400 lb bench press is "nonfunctional" and that the same guy is weak, but some idiot doing dumbbell curls w/ 5 pound dbs while standing on one leg while balancing themselves on a bosu ball is somehow functional and strong.

Theres a reason that the bench press, squat, and deadlift has been used by lifters for almost 100 years now while various machines have came and went and will continue to be around long after this functional training has long passed from the scene.


This is exactly why powerlifting should become a mainstream sport. It's positive infuence will greatly affect the fitness industry and will make alot of people squat, bench press, and deadlift.


I like the fact that powerlifting (or any tough lifting for that matter) isn't mainstream. It means I can get in my squats and deadlifts without some douchebag breathing down my back or having to wait for a rack.


POWER lifting movements are used by football players. I stiff arm is strong do to bench pressing. Sqauts are effective way to build explossive movements and faster sprinters. Deadlifts build all kinds of "functional strength.

Peolpe who dont understand "functional strength are the same scrawney idiots doing curls in my squat rack. Rant over


I'm having a vision:

powerlifting becomes popular, sudden influx of rounded back squats and deads leads to a lot of powerlifting injuries, media reports on danger of powerlifting, powerlifting falls into obscurity.

if you're jealous of functional trainers being called strong, then you're probably not too much stronger looking than them


Yor vision is retarded! Functional strength comes from playing the sport your in and strength training. Power movements build strength


I agree. No matter how busy my gym is, there is always a rack open for me..I like it that way.. Although..I think most people wouldnt do it even if they did know the right way to train. Rack work..is hard work. Its easier to do 3 sets of ten on the preacher curl machine, than doing heavy squats, deadlifts etc


Who started it?

Weak, small guys justifying their weakness and smallness.

"Relative strength" is a crock of shit along the same likes as "functional training."

You want to compare strength you have to use something like the Wilks coefficient.

There's a reason you never seen big strong guys doing bosu ball squats or anything on them except maybe ab work.


And the church said Amen!


Who said im jealous of "functional trainers" whatever they are? Are you one? Im jealous of a guy built like he should star in Revenge of the Nerds who thinks being strong means balancing yourself on a surf board while doing tricep kickbacks with a ten pound dumbbell? Sure I am!


ghost22 i wouldn't go as far to say relative strength is a crock of shit. if anything relative strength is important..anything else can be disregarded..but relative strength is important if participating in sports/sports that involve weightclasses.


on a more important topic..clip11's avartar is siiiiick


Well the answer to the original question is Vern Gambetta. He is typically recognized as the founder of functional training. http://outside.away.com/outside/bodywork/200606/summer-fitness-guide-2.html


Well, there is a tool for every job. Train according to your goals. Andreas Thorkildsen stopped doing deep squats, and he is a top level international javelin thrower. The reason for stopping these squats is that he became too stiff in his hips from doing them. He can however bench 180kg+ and jerk 180kg+ behind his neck. And I am sure he gets enough work on his muscles from other movements. I saw one martial art trainer do deadlifts in excess of 230kg, and he'd never trained the deadlift regularily, but he could do complete jacknifes with one hand and a weighted shirt, and nordic hamstrings with a weighted shirt too.

The thing is that you need to have a plan according to your goals. If you just want to be defined and generally strong, you could become so without compound movements.

However, I agree with most posters here that functional training very often seems just like a joke. People doing endless sets of strange exercises, when they would have more results from benching, squatting, deadlifting and other compound movements.

It is my belief that powerlifting will never go mainstream, simply because it is very demanding. Most people don't like demanding stuff. They just want to be comfortable.


learn to read junior, I was talking about why powerlifting wont become mainstream. Dumbasses get hurt squatting and think lifting heavy weights makes you fat.

If you fuckers are actually strong who gives a shit what the little nerds juggling medicine balls are claiming


Wow. Is that really the main reason why people are afraind of squatting? Heck even a lazy guy like me won't mind doing 20 rep squats in any day as long as it doesn't hamper my recovery. If that really is the main reason why most people don't wanna squat, then most people are a bunch of fucking wussies... I'm sorry, it's the truth... I've always thought that the main reason why nobody wanted to squat is because they were misinformed, but damn. It's sad that people are that much of a wussy. I'm scared of alot of things but... Ahhhhh, this is just sad...

...What really pisses me off is when lazy people try to come up with stupid justifications to not work hard, such as substituting free weights over bowflex, and say about how it's less stressful on the joints.


Oh come on. Andreas was a two-time OLYMPIC CHAMPION. If he felt squatting was hampering his ability to train, then so be it! He doesn't HAVE to squat just because it's "the best exercise ever."


What is more functional than bending over and picking something heavy up? What is more functional than being able to push something heavy off of your body? What is more functional than being able to squat under and lift a fallen tree off of the car your screaming baby is trapped in??




People now are looking for shortcuts. How many people selling shit on informercials are not rich. No one wants to do the basic staples of working out. Its just another way of getting people to steer away from money exercises.


Our primal ancestors started it when they would train in order to survive.