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Who Sings 'It Was All a Dream?'


There was an R & B song playing at my boxing gym the other day.
The first words were, 'It was all a dream..." Or perhpas, "the dream." or "just a dream."
I proceeded to spar after it started and didn't hear it.
It keeps playing over and over again in my head, just that beginning.
What's the name of it?


Whenever this happens to me, I just use google. Works every time


I think this needs to be a pre-requisite for all questions


Without the second line hard to say for sure, but I'd guess it was one of my favorites...

Juicy by Notorious BIG

Unless it was that Jay Z song, A Dream.


Yea, definitely. I'd say we should make it a stickie but we know that no one takes the time to read those anyway


Dude, I think its biggie.

Yeah Im pretty sure.

It goes:

It was all a dream
I used to read word up magazine

good song.
You know hes black though right?




Wait, didn't The Game have a song called "Dream" or something? I know, I'll GOOGLE it.....




that video's tight. game's hard as fuck


It was a Dream. It's what you heard after the girl you were sparing knocked your ass out.


Dont let me fall by B.o.B


You don't think I googled? Are you that retarded?
Type in 2009, 'it was a all a dream + r & b + 2009 or 2010.' See that you find notorious big or The Dream who is a new artist but not the first words of this song I heard.

You guys need to stop being such cocky lil twirps and realize you're not specia and the sun doesn't shine out of your asshole.

Anyways, hyper intellectuals, i said ITS NO THE BIGGIE OSSONG.

Well, if anyone knows tell me, but for real, i'm geting so tired of the lil girly pecking type shyt you guys do on this forum.

Act like some straight females.


I'd like to help but could you first translate this into english?


After some shit like this, I'm not going to tell you who sings it. I did some research, and found the song you're talking about, but I'm going to tell you, because you said I wasn't "specia" and are telling me to act like a straight female, which I would assume means you want me to like guys?

No thanks, figure it out.


My first thought was to tell you HH/Alffi/Rohyn was to go eat a fat sack full of baby elephant dicks and wash it down with the sweat you ring from your hood at your last KKK meeting. But you are right that is childish.

You asked a honest question an deserve a honest answer.


is anybody even surprised at this point? it's the same cycle of bullshit:

ask a question.

overreact at the usual peanut gallery responses while ignoring the people who actually answered the question.

bitch about how much they hate the forum.

come back in a week.


maximum butthurt


LOL you crack me up man