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Who Should Play the New Batman?


So....its in the works...Bman vs Sman one way or another. Online celeb chatter is a buzz as Im sure quite a few agents are making calls getting calls and a bunch of actors are yelling in silverlake "Get me that fucking role!!"

Bales out... some are upset, and lot aren't (I am)

But who should/could play the new Bat?

Brolin and Goslin are up for it so I here: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/man-steel-sequel-ryan-gosling-josh-brolin-joe-163121735.html

I think Goslin would be a great robin and I think Brolin is too old/out of it.

What about John Hamm?

Let the opinions role!


This guy is pretty good


Karl Urban.


I want Carrot Top to be the Joker.

Seriously. He's a big guy and fucking weird.


I like Brolin probably better than Hamm actually. What about Micheal Fassbender or Chris Pine (his name was thrown around some for Captain America along with Hamms). Also saw where some people threw out Thomas Gibson, Jim Caviezel, Andrew Lincoln, and Matthew Fox, and Bradley Cooper.

I don't really know who I think would be the best for that role. I cant think of anyone that just seems perfect to me.


They will try to find an opposite or match to the current Superman if they plan for them to play opposite each other.

the contrast has to be there and he has to be ale to stand next to Supes without being outshined or overplaying his own role.

Some of the guys mentioned have too much star power.


Benedict Cumberbatch


So who do you think it should be X? I actually was thinking about the star power thing and listed several tv stars because of that. Not really my own doing as I was looking around other forums for that. I also though about Manu Bennet but I don't really know. I cant really think of anyone that fits perfectly.


Just what we need, another Batman right away. This movie is going to suck. Anybody else getting tired of these comic book movies?


I think they should find an unknown.

The new Batman is going to have be a new entity we haven't seen before to carve his own way...which means he can't try to be Bale.

He has to be about the same age as Clark....match his looks....meet him eye to eye in acting ability (and the new Supes did a decent job) and not outshine him.

That's hard to do with the guys mentioned.


Not bad.


I think Batman needs a better actor, from the getgo...

No, I dont.

Superman might be harder, because there is less to sink your teeth into....

Anyhow, this actor might have to be either better or worse than Supermans actor while still be on par wth him?


Started to get burnt out with the superhero phase, I can still deal with the post-apocalyptic phase though. Luckily there have been a few really great ones.


I actually think I'd really like to see Fassbender's take on Batman, I can imagine it being incredible under the right guidance.


I always thought Jim would be perfect to play Bruce Wayne, something about his expression/stare that makes me go "yeah I can imagine this guy watches his parents being murdered."


I could see Caviezel. He has the requisite sense of intellect, emotional intensity and remoteness. He also has the sophistication to be a believable Bruce Wayne which is the key to a good Batman, IMHO. I could also see a relative unknown as a good choice, provided he's a good fit.

However, I think the best idea really is to let the whole franchise lie fallow for a bit. Way too soon to reboot the reboot, IMO.


Jon Snow from Game. He doesn't have to be hard he just has to beat the shit put of Spiderman. Or Tyrion Lannister. Either would be stellar choices


Gerard Butler.

I think Thomas Jane might be a good one too, but I'd rather see him back as the Punisher.


I hate when they play 2 roles like Captain America the human torch.

Fassbender would be magneto and batman? hmmm

They should have The Rock play Batman lol he seems to be every fucking movie at the moment.


Urban, Fassbender, Cumbersnatch could all be interesting.
Pine no and Cooper no. I just cant see it. Cooper doesn't have the voice.

They need to ship up and fly right and find a role for Ben Foster some how. Joker or riddler. The dude can play a nut for sure and the boy has depth. But I know him personally so Im biased :wink:

I could see Michael C. Hall playing those guys as well.

Or Javier Bardem.....

We could let Brad Pitt play batman.....before Leonardo does :wink: