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Who Sees This Recession as...


... a "re-shuffling of the cards?"

Part of me is frustrated and sad about it.

Part of me sees it as the great "re-shuffling of the cards ... with some collateral damage.


So you're implying that there's an element of chance involved here, correct?


It's not over yet, though. No point in calling it a re-shuffling until you know what ACTUALLY changed. Politicians have been talking about regulating finance forever, because scandals happen and people lose lots of money from time to time. We'll have a clearer picture after Obama's first tax season is over (2010).


Recession is a good thing. This is the signal to consumers to slow down. It is precisely what people who overextended themselves with credit need to do. This will only go away when people start paying off debt and saving and we get back to producing stuff. In the meantime enjoy some low prices.

Read this thread for some theoretical info:



The cards are always shuffling in one direction, something has to change or we will have the wealthy and the peasants


how so?