Who says Republicans don't know how to party?

Here’s a link for all of you political wonks:


“’The thing about Ozzy is, he's made a lot of big hit recordings: ‘Party With the Animals,’ ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,’ ‘Face in Hell,’ ‘Black Skies' and ‘Bloodbath in Paradise,’ President Bush announced.”

Ironic point #1: Ozzy was banned from performing in Texas (George W.’s former governorship) for a number of years for PISSING ON THE ALAMO. Heh heh.

Ironic point #2: Bush’s party is backed by the Religious Right, who have labeled Ozzy the Prince of Darkness himself (somehow I think that Satan would have managed to pick more intelligible progeny, but I digress).

Ironic point #3: Both Ozzy and Dubya have ingested enough coke and booze to put studio 54’s regulars to shame. Both are reportedly clean and sober, too. Well, mostly.

Ironic point #1: Let me paint you a picture: George W., in an Iron Maiden shirt, rocking out in the Oval Office to “Crazy Train”, his right hand pumping the “sign of the devil” in the air, singing along, poorly. ‘Nuff said.

I sincerely hope that Dubya did in fact make the above statement. I hope even more that he did it fully aware of who Ozzy is and what he’s done. I love the thought of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell suffering aneurysms when they find out their Golden Boy is a closet metalhead. Bill Clinton: Rock & Roll president, indeed. :)

hehehe… George Bush is funny… look up on the internet “George Bush or Chimp” also ironically your “ironic points” are out of alignment… your copy and paste time saving device that I assume you used has failed you once again.

Ironic Point 5: It was Tipper Gore, wife of the erstwhile VP and former Democratic candidate, who led the charge to demonize rock-and-roll music. Let’s share the blame for censorship and demogoguery properly. =-)

BTW, I heard the audio of the statement, and it was either W or a damn good impression.

Nah, it wasn’t cut and paste. I just REALLY suck at counting. :slight_smile:

And 3-L, I thought of the Tipper issue right after I posted. Now if Dubya will say something nice about Frank Zappa, I might vote for him next time.