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Who Saw the 105's Today?


Dolega bombs with 3 atttempts on 193 in the snatch and Aramnau comes out of no where to add a senior world crown to his junior wolrd championship gold!

I think he went 195/228 for 423. One to watch for the olympic gold I think.


Bombouts have been a bit of a theme in the men's. Seems to me like there have been too many coaches getting lifters to do as their openers something they make about 3 times in 10, rather than opening a little lower on something they make 8 times in ten and making sure they get a total. Far too few male lifters going 5 or 6 for 6.

Good stuff though. I was glad to see Tsagaev do well. The thing that got me was that Rybakou's opener in the 85s was 5kg over the opening lift in the 105s. Incredible lifter.


I haven't watched it... dolega bombed out? damnit, all that hype with that 202.5 in training and such. He should have opend lower, like ninearms said.

such a shame with some of these guys.


Thanks for the update Hanley. If anyone finds a link to some video of this, please please post it. Thanks.



Yeah, Dolega had bad luck with the snatch. But I always support the russian team, so i was disappointed to see that klokov fucked up his last two attempts.

I hope Chigishev will do good tomorrow.


might be stuff on youtube, but I know to get the live feed its like a dollar or so an hour.


Found this link on fort. iron:



How are the chinese doing?


Thanks for the link!

Footage from a number of weightclasses has been posted. It appears you can watch much, maybe all, of the competition.

Youtube is phenomenal.


Results here;


Looks like 5 golds and 1 silver so far for the Chinese team with only the 75kg+ to go!


Thanks for all the links everybody, T-Nation is great for this.
Surprising that so many A group lifters bombed out.