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Who Saw South Park Last Night?


.... And thought of T-Nation?
Spoiler alert
(cliff notes: Shake Weight featured heavily)

And Americans cannot do a British accent, though I hate Gordon Ramsey and Jaimie Oliver as much as the next pleb


the southpark creators werent trying to legit accents lol.

they over exaggerate everything cause its funny.

I thought the episode was amazing. One of the funniest south park episodes in a long time



i was not that big on this weeks episode. It is just like the -Imaginary Land- episodes, nothing they did after those could compare.

But all will be fine when I forget how much i like the coon n' friends episodes.


I'll be honest when they did Gordon Ramsey I was pretty much on the floor. I think I might have a collapsed lung I laughed so hard. And Jaimie Oliver was funny. Wish we could take the piss out of them as well


I thought it sucked. However, I just watch the WOW episode again and my faith in south park is restored.


I was starting to lose faith in South Park over the past season or two, but they've really picked up in season 14 since the break.


Man the whole Food Network shtick was really funny cause i can relate to it. I had a Food Network obsession for a couple of months a while ago this brought back memories lol.

Thought funniest thing was the Jamie Oliver guy saying "BUTTT CHILDRENS FOOD IS SUPPOSED TO BE HEALTHY!" and hes all crying in the corner was just to funny.



â??See what he did, Stan? He brined that in the fridge so now he can sear the sh*t out of it.â??

â??You going to deglaze that pan now?
â?? â??Yeah, Iâ??m going to deglaze it. Do you want to help me?â??
â??If I was there, I would. Iâ??d take some red wine â?? about a quarter cup â?? and then a wooden spoon and Iâ??d deglaze the f*ck out of that pan.â??

â??This morning my dad was pretending to read Playboy but he actually had a Bon Appetit magazine inside of it."


I thought this episode was really funny. Best one in a while.


This and In-sheep-tion were easily my favorite of the season. They were South Park at their best, IMO...scathing satire of celebrities and pop culture.


Coon N Friends was an awesome series of episodes... I'm seriously


I need to know where kenny's powers come from. What happened with mint berry crunch was hilarious!


Mint Berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Crunch! Shablagoo!! hahahaha I wish those episodes would have been on earlier. I would have been Mint Berry Crunch for Halloween



Didn't expect that.


hahaha yes! i would still appreciate someone being mint berry crunch 11 months from now.


haven't been a fan for yrs, but the Jersey Shore one and this were hilarious.

Creme Frieshe, going to sleep... mode LOL

Jamie Oliver was funny, not sure why he's getting bashed on here. Guy has a good message and this country needs to listen.


I could use and old fashioned right bout now...


^Why don't you old fashion yourself?

I'm an avid fan of South Park.

This episode was pretty good. The finishing "mist" that the shake weight sprayed was icing (no pun intended) on the cake!

I need to go to sleep...mode lol